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Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels I've purchased these Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels and these Flower Sticker Labels for the jars holding my homemade deodorant and essential oil combinations. I find that the labels don't always stick securely to the glass and I have to smooth them down to stay on. Sometimes I have to… Continue reading Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

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Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer My new cosmetic and jewelry organizer keeps my makeup organized and easily accessible when I need it. The two-piece organizer is made of strong molded acrylic, which is transparent, and it comes with black felted drawer liners. The liners are a great touch and they prevent things from rolling around freely as well… Continue reading Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer