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Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels I've purchased these Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels and these Flower Sticker Labels for the jars holding my homemade deodorant and essential oil combinations. I find that the labels don't always stick securely to the glass and I have to smooth them down to stay on. Sometimes I have to… Continue reading Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

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Organize Your Kitchen with YouCopia

Organize Your Kitchen with YouCopia   When I moved from a house to an apartment nearly four years ago I had to downsize a great deal because the space is so much smaller.  We sent two box trucks filled with stuff to a thrift store that supports men in recovery.  TWO. BOX. TRUCKS!   Our new… Continue reading Organize Your Kitchen with YouCopia

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Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer   My new cosmetic and jewelry organizer keeps my makeup organized and easily accessible when I need it. The two-piece organizer is made of strong molded acrylic, which is transparent, and it comes with black felted drawer liners. The liners are a great touch and they prevent things from rolling around freely as… Continue reading Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer

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Travel Products You Must Have

Do you have to travel?  Do I have some must-have products for you.  Travel bottles for those things that you just HAVE to bring.  Space saver bags, so that your clothes don't spill out all over when TSA go through your luggage.  And, finally, a great travel pillow so that you can get some shut-eye… Continue reading Travel Products You Must Have