Bok Tower 3/29/2010

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Here are the pictures from our road trip to Bok Tower today.  After having breakfast, we drove to Bok Tower in Lake Wales.  That’s where the majority of the pictures were taken.  We smelled strawberries driving through the fields.  We smelled orange blossoms in the groves.  We smelled oranges by the juice processing plant.  We don’t usually get to smell the smells of industry because we travel on weekends, so we had olfactory overload!

There are some pictures of random objects, like a bumper sticker that says, “Got elephants?”  There’s a funny truck placard that we chuckled at when we saw the pictures.  I didn’t Photoshop any of the pictures, I only cropped them.

Sometimes we can’t get family portraits right when Tim takes the pictures.  It takes a few shots.  :)  I have to say that there are some great shots of Scott.

Tim came face to face with a black racer.  They were both a bit freaked out.  I was impressed with the insects in the flower photos.  One was a honey bee and one, I don’t know what kind of bug it was.  The birds were pretty visually illusive today, so I didn’t get pictures of the male and female cardinals or the flickers.  I did get a couple of shots of an osprey nest in Mulberry.  The delphinium at the end of the slide show really was that electric blue.

I’ve posted the map of our trip today.