Saturday…eh…Sunday Six


I’m playing along with Patrick’s Place while I’m on vacation in California.  So, please forgive the delay.

1. Do you do a newsletter or email subscription for your blog, and why or why not?

I don’t do a newsletter for my blogs.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with the both of them and definitely don’t have time to do a newsletter too.

2. Of the people you recall who have commented on your blog some time in the past six months, how many have you met in person?

I’ve met probably 1/3 of them in person.  I’ve had some contests, so there are a lot of people that I don’t even know visiting and commenting on the blogs.

3. Of that same group of people, how many have you ever spoken to by phone?

Probably the same, 1/3.

4. Do you feel that your blog has helped build your social media network, or that your social media network has helped build your blog?

I would say that my social media network has helped building my blog.  I’ve worked on building it with a lot of groups that help each other build their blog numbers up.

5. How many people in your social media network do you know from a face-to-face conversation?

That’s probably a pretty small number.  I’m amazed at how large my network is now and it’s no where near some bloggers.

6. If you had to guess, what percentage of people in your social media network would you say have ever set “virtual foot” on your blog?

I would have to say that would be a small number.  With Google+ and Twitter, most of those people don’t ever get over to the blog and that’s where my largest numbers come from.

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Lady Lennia: Miss Millennia Magazine’s April Cover Girl


I’m excited to share that I’m Miss Millennia Magazine’s April Cover Girl!  You can see me here:

Please go over and read!  I’ll be contributing throughout the month.

photo by Baby Rock Photography

 Photo by Baby Rock Photography.

“G” whiz, these questions are hard!

I’m posting with Patrick’s Place for Saturday Six #514; the letter “G”.

1. G is for GENDER: To which gender does the majority of your friends belong?

I would say the majority of my friends are female, although I really do appreciate the no-nonsense friendships with men.  I have and have had great platonic relationships with men.  But, there is nothing better than a great girlfriend that you can just poor your heart out to.

2. G is for GENEALOGY: How far back have you traced your family line?

I’ve traced my mother’s family back to the 1200’s.  I would love to have a great deal of time and some money to do further research.  Genealogy is so fascinating!

3. G is for GENERIC: For prescription medication, how often do you use a generic versus a name brand?

I use generic prescription and over-the-counter medications every time.  The cost is considerable.

4. G is for GOURMET: Which dish do you make that you think would most closely resemble what others might call a “gourmet” dish?

I don’t have a go-to dish, so when I’m making a so-called gourmet dish, I usually go online to find a new recipe to try.  I like cooking gourmet meals for special occasions.  One Christmas, I made a beef Wellington.

5. G is for GOVERN: If you were forced to run for office, local, state or federal, which position would you choose and why?

If I were forced to run for office, it would be foolish to start small, so I think I would run for President.  I would have the opportunity to travel across the country and meet people, which would be pretty cool.  I am pretty far removed from politics, so this is such a hard question for me.

6. G is for GRADUATION: What do you think was your biggest accomplishment prior to graduating from high school or college?

I think that the biggest accomplishment prior to graduating from high school (and college) was that I traveled for three summers with a singing group as a missionary.  I was able to travel the east coast of the U.S. and to Haiti (twice).  I lived away from home each summer and lived with another family, traveled on a very old Greyhound bus with no A/C, and went to a third-world country.  It was quite an experience for a 14, 15, and 16 year old.

That’s me with The New Directions in 1982

Five Minute Friday: Write

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker is WRITE. I have to write for five minutes on that topic.

write, heart, scribe

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I’m just starting to like this writing-thing that I do on my blogs.  The group of 4 other bloggers that meet together to discuss ideas, layouts, blog names, and other accomplishments has made me more accountable and stronger in the blogging experience.

These girlfriends I have invite each other to share giveaways and promote one another.   They poll each other for blog post fodder.  We all laugh and cry and support each other.  Just like girlfriends in this life should.  The first people I told about a blogging win were my blogging girlfriends.  I know two of them from college and one of the other girls introduced the other two and we’ve never met.  And instead of being jealous of the others’ wins, we love and congratulate.

12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command you. 15 No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.
John 15:12-15

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The Test Started on New Year’s Eve

One Word 2014

So, before I could even kick off the new year, my husband called me at work around 4 PM and said that the computer network was down and he was going to have to stay until the IT guy got there from 45 minutes away AND stay until the IT guy was done.  I asked him if his boss realized that it was New Year’s Eve and that we might (and did) have plans?  We changed some logistical plans and I waited.  The IT guy got there at about 5:15 (my hubby works until 5 PM and was the only supervisor working).  I sent my son down to drive him home, so he didn’t have to wait until the next bus.  Meanwhile, I couldn’t put food in the oven.  I had to wait.

I realize that my word for 2013 was patience, but sometimes I’m just not that patient.  And my word for 2012 was grace.  Ahhh…shoot that arrow into my heart.  While I drove home, my mind raced and I was so upset.  I want to be with our friends for New Year’s Eve.  I want things to be perfect.  I WANT TO BE IN CONTROL!!!  Sorry for shouting.

And again, it’s about me, me, me.  Not always the most appropriate thing for it to be about.  I can’t let my husband’s boss control my evening and ruin my New Year’s Eve.  The healthier, more appropriate thing to do would be to extend some grace to the boss and pray for him.  Extend love.  It prevents me from getting another tension headache and allows me to comfort my husband, in turn allowing him to enjoy his evening as well.

Meanwhile, he got home on time.  I was able to cook what I needed to cook.  And we arrived at our friend’s house on time.  Crisis averted.  And all that worrying, complaining, moaning, raging, anger, and bad thoughts for nothing.

Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offenses.
Proverbs 10:12