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Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels I've purchased these Waterproof Essential Oils & Bottles Labels and these Flower Sticker Labels for the jars holding my homemade deodorant and essential oil combinations. I find that the labels don't always stick securely to the glass and I have to smooth them down to stay on. Sometimes I have to… Continue reading Essential Oil Containers, Labels, and Supplies

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Oils to Improve Your Health

Oils to Improve Your Health skin, hair, nails & essential oils   I never dreamed that I would use oils on my face (and that's for another post anyway) and skin.  I grew up believing that the lotion that I purchased in the store was the best thing for my skin.  But, when I look… Continue reading Oils to Improve Your Health

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Yitshar Fractionated Coconut Oil

Yitshar Fractionated Coconut Oil   Yitshar Fractionated Coconut Oil comes in a dark brown bottle so that the integrity of the product isn't compromised.  The fractionating process also makes the coconut oil's shelf life nearly indefinite and it won't go rancid.  It is a "fraction of" actual coconut oil, because some of its properties have been… Continue reading Yitshar Fractionated Coconut Oil