Finishing up Saturday Six


Today is the last post in the Saturday Six alphabet series.  We’ve made it to ‘Z’.  I’m playing along with Patrick’s Place.

1. Z is for ZEPPOLE: When buying a dozen doughnuts, do you prefer them hot, cold or room temperature?

When I’m buying doughnuts, and I don’t buy them hardly ever, I prefer them at room temperature.  My favorite doughnuts is something that Dunkin’ Donuts used to call a cruller, but now they call them sticks.  However, I can be easily swayed with a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut too.

2. Z is for ZITI: What is your favorite Italian dish?

I like many different Italian dishes.  I love chicken picatta, chicken Marsala, and any pasta stuffed with cheese.

3. Z is for ZOO: Which animal do you most enjoy watching at a zoo?

I love going to the zoo.  We don’t get to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa often enough.  I like to watch baby animals.  I’m fascinated by the big cats as well.  I can’t pick just one thing.

Tim feeding a Lorakeet at Lowry Park Zoo 5/2/2006

Tim feeding a Lorakeet at Lowry Park Zoo 5/2/2006

4. Z is for ZOOLOGIST: Which animal would you most fear trying to take care of if you worked at a zoo?

I think I would fear taking care of the large primates or big cats because you just don’t know when they might be freaked out by something or decide they want to attack you.

5. Z is for ZUPPA: What is your favorite flavor of soup?

I had this cream of asparagus soup from a long-gone restaurant and it was the best soup ever.  I tried a brie and wild mushroom soup while we were on vacation and it was just heavenly.

6. Z is for ZYMURGY: If you could brew your own beer, what style of beer would you most likely want to produce?

Since I don’t really care for or drink beer, I can’t even answer this questions.




I can not believe we are nearly to the end of the alphabet!  Today is letter ‘Y’ with Patrick’s Place and Saturday Six.

1. Y is for YARDWORK: What’s your favorite kind of yardwork?

Since we sold our house last year, I don’t have to do any yardwork any more.  Yay me!  I liked completely re-doing the planting strips and making the yard look more beautiful by doing so.


The last yardwork I did before we sold the house

2. Y is for YEARBOOK: How many of the yearbooks you had in school do you still own?

I have all 4 yearbooks from high school and 1 from junior high school.

3. Y is for YEAST: What is your favorite kind of bread?

I can say that I dislike rye, pumpernickel, and I’m not a fan of sourdough, but I like all the rest.

4. Y is for YIELD: Do you think the average motorist is bright enough to understand what a Yield sign means, or should Yield signs be replaced with Stop signs?

I think that most motorists don’t care about what a yield sign means and doesn’t think that it applies to them.  I would be in favor of stop signs in some situations where yield signs are used.

5. Y is for YOUNG: What age do you think is the “last” age someone should be considered “young?”

I’m not sure.  It depends on the group calling the person young.  I’m young when I’m being labeled by older people and I’m old when I’m being labeled by kids.  I don’t think that this is something that you can give a specific age to.

6. Y is for YUCK: Which single food item do you dislike the taste of the most?

Liver.  I can’t stand the taste, the consistency, or the smell of it.


‘X’ Marks the Spot


It’s hard to believe that we’re getting to the end of our Saturday Six alphabet posts with Patrick’s Place.  It’s been fun to learn new words over these many months.

1. X is for XANTHOCYANOPSY: Do you or anyone in your family have color-blindness? If so, what color is the most difficult to see?

As far as I know, I don’t have anyone in my family who is color blind.  I did have a coworker  who was.

2. X is for XANTHODONT: How quickly do you notice someone’s teeth? Is there such a thing as “too white?”

I notice teeth pretty quickly.  I had braces as a kid and didn’t have my first cavity (it was teeny tiny) until I was nearly 40.

3. X is for XENAGOGUE: If had to serve as a “tour guide” for your hometown, how well do you think you’d do on a scale of 1 to 10?

Probably a 3.  I haven’t lived in my hometown for 29 years.

4. X is for XENODOCHEIONOLOGY: What do you love most about staying in a hotel?

I love clean sheets and towels every day.

5. X is for XENOPHOBIA: Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a group of foreigners if you were outnumbered by them?

 I don’t think I’ve ever felt uncomfortable around a group of foreigners when I was outnumbered.

6. X is for XU: How many foreign coins or paper bills do you own?

My husband and I have a lot of foreign currency from our travels from both before we met and when we’ve traveled together.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part


I’m posting again with Patrick’s Place for Saturday Six.  We’re at the letter W.  Almost done!

1. W is for WAFFLE: Have you ever had the dish Chicken and Waffles? Love it or hate it?

I have never had chicken and waffles, but my son has.  The combination doesn’t appeal to me.

2. W is for WAGE: Do you think minimum wage should be raised to $15/hour nationally, and if it happened, do you think people would lose jobs because of it?

I think that minimum wage should NOT be $15 per hour.  I think that it would force businesses to fire people or close.  I know that a living wage is higher than minimum wage, but unskilled jobs should not be paid outrageous wages.

3. W is for WAITING: You’re sitting in a waiting room for some appointment and you see a stack of magazines: which magazine do you hope will be in the stack to keep you entertained?

I tend to look at the home magazines, but will go to the news magazines, if there’s nothing else.

4. W is for WAIST: Is your waist size bigger, smaller, or the same as it was one year ago today?

This is not a pleasant question!  Probably biggie, I’m ashamed to say.

5. W is for WAR: Do you believe that there is never a valid reason for war or that there are times when war may be the only option remaining?

I do believe there is a time for war.  I’m just not able to really able to voice when that time should be.  I do know that when those we are trying to help and protect turn their backs on the help, it’s time to get out.

6. W is for WAYWISER: What is the longest distance you’ve traveled at one time?

I could name the time we drove from Connecticut to Florida to go to Disney, but I won’t count that.  My family and I love to road trip and one day we drove about 250 miles in a huge circle “just because”.

“V” is for…


We’re almost to the end of the alphabet and today’s letter is V.  See the questions and play along with Patrick’s Place.

1. V is for VACATION: Where is a place you’d really like to take a vacation trip to if money were no object?

My husband and I just took one of our dream vacations.  We took a 22 day road trip from San Diego, California to Portland, Oregon, often planning the next day’s activities and hotel stay the night before.  We visited tons of cool places and met really neat people.

The next place we’d like to see would be the northern states and Yellowstone National Park and Ireland.


2. V is for VACILLATE: Do you consider someone who changes his opinion on something weak or wise?

If someone changes their opinion from minute to minute multiple times, I think that is very weak.  It’s wise when they change an opinion once they have the whole story.

3. V is for VACUUM: As a general rule, how often should a common area like a living room be vacuumed?

I’m not sure if there is a general rule that should stand.  There are times when is should be more than others.  At least once a week would be a good thing.

4. V is for VAGAS: Have you ever experienced lightheadedness or actually fainted from having blood drawn or seeing blood?

I have neither experience lightheadedness nor fainted from having blood drawn or seeing blood.  But, I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger and seeing my dad having a cortisone shot in his knee and a little blood coming out from around the needle at the injection site, changed my career aspirations.  I’m almost sorry that I changed my mind, because I love medicine and still have a good head for it today and use it in my job regularly.

5. V is for VEXILLOLOGY: Other than the United States, which country’s national flag do you like most?

I’ve never really thought about another country’s flag.  I can’t even answer this question.

6. V is for VINOLENT: What is your favorite kind of wine?

I have to pick just one?  Nope, my blog.  I can do what I want.  I like White Zinfandel (esp. Copper Ridge), Riesling, Vouvray, and some Chenin Blancs.  I like sweeter wines.