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How to Take Professional Social Media Photos in 30 Minutes

I won a fabulous Canon DSLR camera last year during a Twitter party.  I never win anything, by the way, so I was over the moon.  I've never owned a professional camera before so I had no clue how to use it past the automatic settings and manually focusing. All the courses I've seen online… Continue reading How to Take Professional Social Media Photos in 30 Minutes

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Here’s the Skinny – LoveBug Probiotics

Here's the Skinny - LoveBug Probiotics Here's the skinny, folks.  Gut health is in the news because we are more sedentary, less active, and getting sicker and sicker due to all the junk we're eating.  If we aren't going to start exercising and eating right, we can at least start taking probiotics to help our… Continue reading Here’s the Skinny – LoveBug Probiotics

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Mandisa Out of the Dark

  Giveaway - Mandisa's Out of the Dark The last we heard from Mandisa, she was singing Overcomer, a tribute to her friend and former backup singer, Lakisha.  After finding out that she and her husband were going to have a second child, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Mandisa was confident that God would… Continue reading Mandisa Out of the Dark

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A Fast + Inexpensive Way to Get Quality Glasses

A Fast + Inexpensive Way to Get Quality Glasses   It's been a couple of years since I'd had an eye exam and my eyeglasses just weren't getting the job done.  Now I was having trouble reading the words on my dashboard display of my new car.  So, I made an appointment with the eye… Continue reading A Fast + Inexpensive Way to Get Quality Glasses

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What’s Your Favorite F Word?

  What's Your Favorite F Word?   Alright, friends.  What's your favorite F word?  Keep it clean, please! Have you heard the Oola Life?  The Oola Guys?  What is Oola? oo-la:  noun. 1a:  derived from the expression ooh la la! b: That state of awesomeness.  c: a life that is balanced and growing in the key… Continue reading What’s Your Favorite F Word?