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Why You Should Join Me in Young Living

 Why You Should Join Me in Young Living


Are you interested in essential oils?

I began learning about Young Living essential oils after a friend of mine starting talking about how they helped support her sons’, who were dealing with some health issues.  She shared some of her oil combinations and a diffuser with us when we were dealing with summer colds and allergies.

I decided that I would get some and see if what she was talking about was really going to work for me and my family.  Because I could save 24% on all of my purchases if I became a distributor, I took the plunge and bought a Premium Starter Kit.  Check them out!

Why You Should Join Me in Young Living


The Premium Starter Kit comes with 10 Premium Essential Oils Collection as well as a bonus bottle of Stress Away. Not only that, you get a diffuser of your choice, some samples, and sample bottles.  This is an over $300 value for only $160!  Crazy, I know!  Plus, you get a referral number to share with friends and family so that they can get oils as well.

Here are the individual oils and just some of their uses.  I really found this kit amazing.  But these oils are only the beginning of wonderful, toxin-free, all-natural oils that not only keep you and your family living above the wellness line but can be used for all sorts of other things.  Housecleaning, air freshening, pet care, and more.

There are a lot of great things that you can use your Premium Essential Oils for, but I started by trying some of the samples.  I found Peace and Calming 2 for sleep and if I diffused it, I would sleep more soundly and I felt more rested when I woke up. I haven’t had a night without diffusing something.

Why You Should Join Me in Young Living

Why Young Living?

They are the only company that controls every step of the manufacturing process of their 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic oils.  You can even take them internally.  You can read more about it at their Seed to Seal page.  What does that mean?  It means that not only do they use rigorous practices to make the best product ever, they test the oils AND have them independently tested as well.  If the product isn’t the highest quality, then they don’t offer it for sale.  Only the best is sold.

So you see, you can use essential oils to support your health and well-being as well as making wonderful combinations to do so much more. Young Living Essential Oils can be diffused, used topically, and are safe enough to ingest. Not only that but oils can be used to replace the chemical cleaners you use in your home. Not only will your home be clean but it will smell fresh and be chemical-free.

Why should you join Young Living through me?

Not only will I give you all of the support that you need to have a healthier home but I will help you build a business that will allow you to pay off debt, buy a new car, or take that trip you always wanted to go on.  The skies the limit.  This is the perfect home-based business.  People use these products and they need to be replaced, plus everyone starts to live above the wellness line.  You get the same privilege as I do.  Sharing something that will make the lives of everyone who uses the products better.  

AND, I have access to some of the greatest Young Living leaders who are personally there to help you improve your life and the lives of those around you.  Plus, they’ll help you build your business, too!  These aren’t people who you watch on some video.  These are people you can send a message or text to.  As you get to know them, they are getting to know you and are there to help you live your dream life.

I love that the group of people that I work with have never, ever pressured me to sell oils or recruit people to be in the business. I only need to $50 per year to keep my distributor status and the 24% discount. I can do that! Or, I can share Young Living with friends and family with the referral number that Young Living gives me. The choice is completely up to you how you do it.

What’s the best part of Young Living?

You can simply purchase oils if that’s what you want to do.  But you’ll miss out on the rewards of being a distributor.  By taking the plunge and purchasing the Premium Starter Kit you get a great kit to share with others and you get to use it as well.  You’ll get 24% off of all your other Young Living purchases.

They have a great program you can be a part of that allows you to eventually get 25% of all your purchases back so that you can get free stuff.  I got 4 bottles of NingXia Red for free.  A bottle of Jasmine essential oil…FREE.  It’s a great perk.

How do you join?

There are a couple of ways you can do it.  Check out the form below.  You can join right from there.  You choose the diffuser you want and everything is on its way after a few keystrokes. You can check out a direct Young Living website link at Sandy’s Oils.  

If $160 at one time is just not possible, you can use PayPal.  It’s the coolest thing.  $27 a month for 6 months and it’s done.


What’s stopping you from joining today?

What questions do you have?  How can I help your family live a healthier, chemical-free life?  Leave your questions below or email me at Sandy (at) ChooseJoyandOil (dot) com.  So whether you’re looking for some oils for personal use or you want to build a business for financial independence, I can help make your dreams come true.


Using Young Living essential oils and supplements is a natural and alternative approach to health care. Statements and recommendations made on this website have not been approved by the FDA, and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Always consult your health professional when making decisions about your health.

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