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Of Stillness and Storm – book review

Of Stillness and Storm by Michèle Phoenix

Of Stillness and Storm is the story of a man and woman who meet, fall in love, marry, and go into the mission field.  At first, I thought that it was the story of their relationship but by the end of the book, I saw that it really was the story of a family.

The story is told from Lauren’s point of view.  It starts in present time with Lauren in Nepal while her husband Sam is away in the remotest areas witnessing to the people.  For three weeks a month she is a single mother to the13-year-old son Ryan.  Their family lives a third-world life without any comforts that the other non-Nepalese families have.

Lauren shares memories of the time when she and Sam meet and become friends while studying abroad.  Sam never strays from his desire to reach the unsaved in the world from the first day that they meet.

When they do finally get married they work hard towards the goal of going into the mission field.  After ten very long and arduous years, Sam gets the mission field of his dreams.  Of Stillness and Storm is really more about how that mission field affects the family.

Lauren stays in touch with her friends via Skype but when she’s asked to join social media to keep in touch with friends she finds an old friend.  One whom she becomes emotionally entangled with due to her feelings of isolation from family, friends, clean running water, plumbing, reliable electricity, and the internet.

More than Sam’s wanderings and Lauren’s feelings of loneliness is Ryan’s behavior and attitude.  He’s quickly moving farther and farther away from his parents emotionally.  He didn’t want to go to Nepal when his parents told him about it nearly a year before they left.  He doesn’t want to be there now.  When Ryan has a terrible accident things change drastically.

To see the life, love, and tragedy of a missionary family you really need to get Of Stillness and Storm.  It’s available in paperback and on Kindle.


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