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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

perfect baby shower gift

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift


It’s always hard to find something that’s new for the mommy-to-be for her baby shower.  Sometimes new isn’t necessarily relevant.  What mommy really needs is a great baby book that’s going to capture important information for the baby, family, and culture.  Ronica has two very special baby books and matching stickers to make a big hit at the baby shower.


Ronica Farm Animal Baby Memory Book


The Ronica Farm Animal Baby Memory Book contains 60 spiral-bound pages protected by a hard cover.  It’s the baby book that every parent wants.  

My Baby Book of Firsts contains is printed with vegetable-based inks and is good for recording both little girls and little boys first five years.  It is brightly colored with farm animals and is sub-titled “Moo, Meow, Quack”.  The baby book starts with information on mommy and daddy and life before baby.  

There are places for photos and the spaces are marked with the size of space available so that parents don’t have to guess at what the best size photo for the space is.  

There are stickers for each month of the child’s first year of life that can be used in the baby book.  There is an additional set of 32 stickers available for gender announcement, holidays, baby’s firsts, and additional month stickers available for purchase in the same style.  




baby shower gift

Ronica Baby Memory Book


The second Ronica Baby Memory Book set up the same way as the first and uses bright colors, different animals, and round stickers to record baby’s first five years.  Like the first, it has an envelope on the back hard cover of the baby book to keep special items such as a lock of hair, hospital wristbands, and teeth.  

The album contains stickers for the first 12 months for decoration.  There is an additional 32-pack of stickers for gender announcement and special holidays and firsts.  The round stickers are decorated in the same style of the baby book but can be used for scrapbooking or in another baby book.  




If you are looking for a great baby shower, baptism, or adoption gift or if you’re looking for your own baby book, Ronica has two special baby books and sticker sets to fill that need.  These fabulous albums are bright, cheerful, and filled with places for the most important information for your baby’s memories.  






I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  


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