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Fabulous Gifts for Fabulous Nails

Fabulous Gifts for Fabulous Nails

While I get pedicures once a month with my mom I’m not into manicures.  I’ve never been a fan of my short nails being painted.  While short manicured nails look good on some I don’t think mine ever looked that great.  That was until I got a gel nail dryer.  Then my world opened up.  So I have some great gift ideas for those who like both manicured and pedicured nails.

First up is the MelodySusie® Pro48W Nail Dryer.  Having only used this type of dryer on my feet, I was unprepared for the MelodySusie® Pro48W Nail Dryer. It auto-detects your hand, but you can set it to be on all of the time as well. It can also be set to turn on for 15, 30, or 60 seconds. My polish cured in 15 seconds, however, I used a longer time for multiple layers of polish to be sure it was cured completely. It does not radiate any heat on my skin and was completely comfortable to use. The bottom can be removed so that you can use it on your toes as well. This should last for 5000 hours of use, so you will get your monies worth on your purchase. I’m very pleased with this nail dryer which contains both UV and LED lights and works for all types of nail polish.

MelodySusie® Durable Gel Nail Polish also has their own MelodySusie® Durable Gel Nail Polish. Previously, my manicure would never last for a whole day. However, I think that I’m now in love with wearing polish. The colors in the Sweet Reverie set are pastels: blue, dark pink, light pink, green, yellow, and purple. The polish is rather thick and I did thin it a little with some acetone polish remover. The first time I wore it, I had no base or top coats and the manicure lasted about 7 days before there was some slight chipping. On day 8, one-half of a nail peeled. I was able to peel all of the polish off on day 8. My second manicure, I purchased a base and top coat to help keep my thin nails strong. My nails look good and feel stronger. You must have a gel nail dryer to cure this polish, but it cures in about 15 seconds. I love this!

A great way to hold your nail polish while polishing your nails is with tweexy – The Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder.  One of the things that I hate about doing my own nails is having to try to prop the nail polish bottle without having it spill. With tweexy, that’s a thing of the past. The designers thought of everything when they designed this cool gadget. Fitting fingers of all sizes, tweexy fits on your fingers, before or after you start polishing, and it keeps your color literally right at your fingertips! tweexy holds at least 1000 different brands of polish, so you’ll never wonder whether a particular bottle of polish will fit. It’s made from durable silicone, your tweexy, which comes in 7 colors, can last a lifetime. Use it for a personal manicure or pedicure or buy them for your salon. You’ll be so glad that you did.


Check out Born Pretty Holographic Laser Powder and Born Pretty Mirror Nail Glitter as well.


I purchased Claire’s Nail Kit for the tools more than anything. The brushes, rhinestones and striping tape were just extras for me. I still haven’t figured out how to use the tape. I love the tools and they’re very helpful in making designs on my nails. A good purchase if you’re looking for some nail art tools to pretty up your nails for a Friday night out.

If you like doing special designs, marbling, chroming, or nail stamping then you’ll want Magique SecondSkin.  This is an easy-to-peel liquid latex product that dries fairly quickly.  It looks like it’s nail polish and is applied with a brush.  Once dried, Magique SecondSkin allows you to polish or decorate your nails without getting it all over your skin.  When you’re finished, simply peel Magique SecondSkin off and the covered skin is free of polish, powder, or stamping.  One warning – if one finger touches another finger with the product on they will stick and come off.  You just have to be careful not to touch your fingers.  I recommend doing one hand at a time.  A little goes a long way.

If you’re into some of the newest nail design tools then you’ll love these nail stamping items from Born Pretty.  The Born Pretty Nail Stamper & Scraper makes stamping super easy.



These great Born Pretty Heart Stamping Template and Starfish and Shell Stamping Template are really neat.  However, that being said, I have to warn you that this process takes a little practice and I’m still working on perfecting my technique.



There you have it…my recommended gift ideas for that someone who loves pretty fabulous nails.

Do you have a great nail recommendation?  Let me know in the comments below.


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.



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