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Sweet Couple’s Necklaces – product review

Sweet Couple's Necklaces

Gift Ideas – Sweet Couple’s Necklaces


If you’re looking for a fun, romantic gift for your man or women you should consider these couple’s necklaces from Areke.  Their sweet couple’s necklaces aren’t the same old boring pendants.  No siree!  These are great gifts for married or dating couples or even two really good friends.  

The first necklace set is two stainless steel rings entwined on a necklace.  One set is black and silver and the other is (rose?) gold and silver.  Each set of rings is on a silver chain.  The man’s chain is 24 inches and the woman’s chain is 22 inches long.  The silver ring on each says “ETERNAL LOVE” with a white CZ.  The colored ring says “THE WORLD LOOKS WONDERFUL WHEN I AM WITH YOU”.  



The second his and hers necklaces are a little more traditional but not boring at all.  This is a heart charm with one half going to the man and one half to the woman.  While one half is silver stainless steel, the other half can be blue, black, gold, or silver according to your preference.  The charm looks more like a puzzle piece than a typical split heart.  

Like the first necklace, these silver chains are 24 inches for men and 22 inches for women.  Stainless steel is a great medium for these charms because they are lead-free, rust-free, don’t fade, and are non-allergenic.  The charm is enhanced with white CZ and each charm says “I Love You”.  


Sweet Couple's Necklaces


The third charm happens to be my favorite, which is why I saved it for last.  This musical couple’s pendant stands out from all other couple’s charms due to its uniqueness.  A G-clef and its circle mate fit together perfectly.

Included with the charms are a 24-inch and a 22-inch silver necklace for him and her.  The charm can be purchased with both charms in silver or with the circle charm in silver and the G-clef in gold.  The charm is stainless steel with 2 CZ as decoration.  Both charms say “I love you” in script font and the circle charm has beautifully decorated edges.  


Sweet Couple's Necklaces





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