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What Does God Really Promise?

What Does God Really Promise?

What Does God Really Promise?
101 questions + answers about God’s promises, the Church, and the future


What does God really promise?  Inquiring cats want to know and I do too.  In her three part book What Does God Really Promise?, Carolyn Larsen along with illustrator Amylee Weeks address common questions of believers and non-believers about God’s promises, about God’s church, and about your future and the future of the world.

The book isn’t wordy.  The questions are answered straightforwardly.  I do think that it would be helpful to list Bible verses that back up the explanations.  


What Does God Really Promise?


For example, in the question “What does God really Promise?” there could have been a short list of scriptures with examples of all the great and wonderful promises of God.  And if not at the end of the reading, perhaps it could have been indexed at the end of the book.  With over 3500 promises listed in the Bible, this would be easy to find and list.  My guess is that even believers have no clue just how many promises God has given us.

That being said, there are Bible verses at the end of each promise and that relate to the promise in some way.  They’re great verses to start memorizing and studying for further information.  I like that the verses are printed out so that if someone doesn’t have a Bible the verses can be read right there.

Other than that, I think that this is a lovely book for personal reading or to be given as a gift.  It has a ribbon bookmarker.  It would be a great devotional to read one of the questions, they are only one page each, and then spend some time in the Bible researching the topic a bit more.

What Does God Really Promise? is a book that would be good for Christian believers, new believers, and non-believers or someone who is questioning what Christians believe.



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2 thoughts on “What Does God Really Promise?”

  1. Looks like a beautiful book. I love the interior design. Thanks for your review.
    Sherry Stahl stopping by from #Intentional Tuesday


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