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For Pet Lovers Only

For Pet Lovers Only

For Pet Lovers Only


There’s a new place online for you to get all of your pet care needs –  They sell high-quality pet products, focusing mainly on dog, cat and small animals; although, they also sell fish, pond and reptile items. They provide free shipping on purchases over $49.00 and sell specifically to purchasers in the US.

Their website provides useful articles and blog posts.  They have a page where you can find all of their sale items and another for their overstocked items.  They have a community site where customers can win contests and engage with other pet lovers. 

for pet lovers only

When you go to, you’re greeted with a pop-up inviting you to sign up for  10% off your first order.  You’ll want to do that.  It’s a great deal and you’re saving more money.  

I had the opportunity to review some of their products that I’d like to share with you.  Some of the items I’m going to share with you are coming soon, so you’ll get a sneak peak.

for pet lovers only


The Bingo Doggy Bag Toy Bundle 4.0 is a little bit of everything to keep your pup busy.  There are toys for playing catch, for tugging on, and toys that squeak.  There’s even a doggy backpack for those hiking outings.  

  • Vinyl Tire – not only a fun toy for fetch, but it squeaks, too!
  • Turtle Ring – a great soft toy for throwing and catching
  • Stuffed Latex Monkey – this squeaky guy will keep you tugging with your pooch for hours
  • Blue Camouflage Doggie Backpack – have your little doggy carry his own poop bags next time you walk
  • Raccoon Rope Flyer – this guy can be thrown just like a frisbee
  • Bigmouthed Latex Parrot – a truly noisy bird
  • Retriever Stick – play tug-o-war this this very strong rope

You dog will be busy for hours and hours with this toy bundle.  

for pet lovers only

Your kids love to play with NERF toys, so why shouldn’t your dog play with them as well?  The brightly colored rubber NERF football squeaks and bounces randomly when thrown.  The rubber ball is easy to grip in your hands as well as in your dog’s mouth.  This ball is made with the same quality materials as your own children’s toys.  


for pet lovers only


It’s not all dogs at, cats get fair representation as well.  You can find all sorts of cat items – food, litter boxes, scratching posts, toys, and this Angelcare LitterLocker Design Plus Pail.  Forget about stinking up the room with dirty cat litter.  This litter disposal system is designed to dispose of the used litter until you’re ready to take it out of the house.  It traps the smell and allows you to keep your hands clean as well.  It even comes with one free refill insert, a scoop, and a scoop holder that conveniently attaches to the pail.  This is one of the best things made for cat owners. has lots of food and chews to keep even the busiest puppy from chewing your shoes.  There are a bunch of Etta Says! chews like the ones pictured.  There are Crunchy Duck Chews, Mega Buffalo Chews (coming soon!), and many, many more.  I got a free sample pack of Chunx Natural Beef Lung (coming soon!) – it makes a great reward or a quick snack.  


for pet lovers only


To keep Fido’s teeth clean and breath smelling sweet, there’s TropiClean Clean Teeth Gel.  Made with mint and green tea extract, this is a no brush necessary option for clean teeth and fresh breath for your dog.  Simply apply TropiClean gel to your dog’s teeth and let your dog’s saliva do the rest of the work.  It truly is fresh breath made easy.  


for pet lovers only


And along with clean teeth and fresh breath, you don’t want your pup to smell doggy.  With these DERMagic bars, you dog will be smelling great and flea-free.  There are four different DERMagic Organic Shampoo Bars, two DERMagic All-Natural Conditioner Bars, and the DERMagic Organic Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo Bar that will keep your dog free from fleas.  You’ll have green-clean pups with the power of essential oils.  DERMagic offers products for cats as well.

So, what are you waiting for? has everything your need for a happy, healthy pet.  Do yourself and your pet a favor and head over to right now.


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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