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Why Being Different Is Better Than Being The Same

Why Being Different Is Better Than Being The Same


Many times our children are separated in school by their talents and challenges simply because they’re different.  Special needs kids go to that classroom.  Super smart kids go to another.  Kids who play sports well, can play an instrument, or want to be a scientist go to yet another classroom.  

In Prince Noah and the School Pirates, children are separated in different schools on different majestic sailing ships.  And Prince Noah is on a different ship than his two brothers, Prince Luke and Prince Jonas.  Why are there different ships?  Because there has always been different ships.

There are different ships for girls and boys, for children who have eye patches or one leg.  There is a ship for children who didn’t learn quickly.  That is the ship that Prince Noah is on. Why was Prince Noah on a different ship?  Because he has Down Syndrome. 


being different


On their respective ships, the children learn things specifically for their particular group.  The girls learn “girl things” like sewing and knitting.  The boys learn “boy things” like soccer and fencing.  The children who learn slowly learned the alphabet and math.  But, that’s not what some of those children wanted to learn.  They became very bored until…

…the ships go off course due to a terrible storm, they are overtaken by pirates who take them captive and lock them up.  The children work together with their different experiences and talents to escape and free their teachers.  

On the return home on the same ship, the children all get to attend school together and help one another.  Children with vision problems helped the children learn to listen to all the sounds.  One girl helped with math.  And the boys showed the girls how to play soccer.  And when they got home, there was a huge party to celebrate.  

The lesson is that just because we all have different talents, abilities, and learning styles, we can use those differences to help and teach other people.  

Prince Noah and the School Pirates is a well-written book that’s written for children who are ages 4 to 9 years old.  The illustrations by Heike Sistig are fun to look at and contain a lot of color.  

The author, Silke Schnee, has written the Prince Noah books about her very special son, Noah, and his two brothers, Luke and Jonas, to share about special they are and how each child brings their gifts to the house and to the world.  Each child is a wonder just the way they are.  She wrote another Prince Noah book called The Prince Who Was Just Himself.  


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