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Stuff You Need This Summer

Stuff You Need This Summer

Stuff you need this summer at the beach, park or pool


If you’re going to be out at the beach, park, or pool this summer, there are a few things that you’re going to need.  I’m here to show you some of the best summer stuff I’ve seen recently.


Round Beach Towel

I was recently reading about one of the newest trends this summer – round beach towels. This one is made of towel material and is large enough for a person to lay down on while still having plenty of room for whatever I want to keep off of the ground. It’s the perfect thing to keep you separated from the kids.  
It has an attractive fringe around the entire blanket and it really stands out on a crowded beach when you’re looking for your place. The towel has an attractive design. It comes wrapped in a large silky cloth in the same colors. Great to carry in your car for picnics or play as well.  

Bamboo Sunglasses

Cor Surf Handcrafted Genuine Bamboo Sunglasses are pretty amazing. First, they come in a hollowed out piece of bamboo. Your bamboo sunglasses are protected by a piece of bamboo. How cool is that?! They also come with a soft pouch. I really appreciate the flex-hinges that allow you to open the hinges further than expected. This is nice if you have a larger head.

The best part about these bamboo sunglasses is that they float, which is great should you be wearing them when surfing, fishing, boating, or at the beach or pool. These sunglasses are handcrafted and could easily garner over $100 a pair, but they don’t. These are extremely affordable and worth the cost. These are my new favorite sunglasses.  

Lacy Swimsuit Coverup

This is a beautiful swimsuit cover up that’s perfect for the plus-sized woman. I am a XL to 2XL and this fits me perfectly. It shouldn’t be worn alone as a shirt as it’s very see-thru, but could be worn with a bathing suit or a tank top underneath. If it gets wet, it will show what you have on underneath. This very feminine roomy cover up is lacy and delicate-looking. It’s definitely not your large t-shirt. I can’t wait to show this off at the pool. 


This, my friends, is a chamois for your body! This towel really is so much more than a towel. It can be used for yoga, sports, workouts, camping, backpacking, the beach, the pool, and, yes, even the shower. You will never even notice extra weight in your bag because this towel is super-light. Because of the ultra-absorbent and quick-drying material, all you need to do is wring it out and hang it up to dry.

The UltraSport towel dried me off quickly each time I got out of the pool and was easily wrung out so that it would dry rapidly. It’s soft on your skin, super-durable, and extra-compact. The Shandali UltraSport Travel Towel is a purchase that you will not regret for many years to come.

Beach Blanket

The Kahuna Next Generation Beach Blanket is a must-have item for your picnic, camping, beach, or any outdoor activity. The 7′ X 6.5′ sheet made of parachute material, which is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than one pound, so it’s easy to carry with your supplies. It comes in its own carrying bag and it even has a clip to clip onto something else.
This is a very large parachute beach blanket that comfortably fits the family for a picnic. There are, also, loops on each corner so that you can secure the blanket to the ground with the included tent stakes or use them to tie the blanket up as a shade cover. There are pockets in each corner that allows you to weigh the sides down with sand without getting sand all over the whole sheet.Because the sheet is made with parachute material, it repels sand and dirt easily, so that you’re not carrying sand home in the trunk of your car. It dries easily so that it’s mildew-resistant and won’t be smelly.

The beach blanket comes in 3 different color combinations. Regardless of which color your blanket is, because of the material, it remains cool to the touch even when the sun is blazing hot.

Whether it’s just you and your special someone or the whole family, you’ll be happy that you have your beach blanket (or multiple blankets) knowing that your purchase will last a long time because of the durable material and that it comes with a full one year replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Beach Bag

You’re going to see something to carry all of your stuff and I love this bright orange beach bag. The sides are mesh so that your towel and bathing suit can get some air. It’s large enough for a big beach towel along with your sunglasses, book, mp3 player, and a cover-up. There’s a roomy waterproof change purse for your license, credit card, change for the meter, and a little cash. My only issue is that the bottom of the bag isn’t flat, but V-shaped, which means that you lose some room at the bottom and it doesn’t stand up on its own. But, it doesn’t hang open when hanging from the back of your chair.

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