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Cush Your Tush

Cush Your Tush

Cush Your Tush


I don’t know about you, but I spend a great deal of my day and evening sitting.  During the day, I am a Social Worker.  It sit behind a desk and spend my day talking to people and working on a computer.  At home, I spend much of my evening at a dining room chair working on the blog and product reviews on Amazon.  All this sitting kills my back.

I no longer have a problem with a sore bottom or low back pain thanks to Cush.  Now I get to Cush my tush with high-grade memory foam that’s 3rd party tested and found to be eco-friendly and free from odor.  The 100% high-grade memory foam won’t go flat over time like standard foam cushions.  


Cush Your Tush 4


You’ll find instant relief with Cush Cushion’s special coccyx cut-out, which suspends the tailbone giving you medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point-pressure associated with sitting for long periods of time.  

And the Cush Cushion custom non-slip bottom keeps your cushion in place while you sit, so you don’t have to constantly reposition.  The new deeper ergonomic shape to hug your bottom as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort.



Not only does the Cush Cushion give me comfort on my dining room chair at home, it helps me sit comfortably in my desk chair at work, and in the broken down driver’s seat of my 15 year old car.  So, you can see that my back is doomed without the Cush Cushion.  Is your back doomed, too?  You can have your very own Cush.

Use Promo Code “clubcush” to receive 10% off your Cush Cushion, which comes with a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee.




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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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