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Some of the Prettiest Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants

Mother's Day - pendant

Some of the Prettiest Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants

Why a diffuser pendant?

When a diffuser pendant is worn directly on the skin, your body head acts as a warmer and the scent of essential oils is lightly diffused all day long.  Because I regularly use essential oils, I like having the opportunity to “take them with me”. These diffuser pendants are a beautiful way to wear essential oils and have the benefit of aromatherapy all day.

The ZX Fashions lockets, which securely closes with a magnet, allows you to add one of the felt circle inserts and to drop essential oils on those pieces of felt. The felt fits snuggly inside without an issue. The pendants are filigreed on both sides, allowing the pretty locket to show no matter what side it’s on and allows the air to run through the felt without molding. The necklace has a secure lobster claw. The silver chain hangs down about 30 inches. I love this diffuser pendant and recommend it.




Another really pretty round pendant is the one from Sweet Soul Designs.  It has a 23 inch silver chain with a lobster claw, which clasps onto one of two rings.  It has a circle of bling – sparkly gems that go all the way around it.  A strong magnet keeps the thick felt securely inside.


Perhaps you’re looking for a heart-shaped pendant.  This one from LockinScent is quite sturdy.  The necklace has a secure lobster claw, but doesn’t actually have a dedicated ring to clasp onto.  It clasps on any one of the links in the necklace.  If I actually had a silver chain of my own, I would take this pendant off of the chain that it comes on as I’m not a fan of it.  I do, however, love the actual diffuser pendant and recommend it.


The first diffuser pendant that I got is a gorgeous, hand-blown glass one from UPmall.  Since I began using essential oils, I’ve wanted to have something that allowed me to carry a scent with me in some jewelry and this beautifully hand-blown glass pendant allows me to do just than.  The cork top is easily removed to allow you to place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in before capping it again.  I have not had a single problem with it leaking and it still allows me to smell the essential oil.  It has an adjustable cord for lengthening or shortening the necklace and getting it on and off.  I am so pleased that I have such a beautiful item to use to wear my essential oils in.  It comes in 4 colors.



Here are some other necklaces from Amazon.  Drops of Joy Jewelry has some beautiful jewelry as well.  Let me know where your favorite diffuser jewelry comes from.

If you are looking for some pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, check out Young Living.  The reason why I feel strongly about Young Living Essential Oils is they are in control of every part of the process in the growing and producing of their 100% pure, therapeutic oils – or what they call Seed to Seal.


Young Living - #3165984


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


3 thoughts on “Some of the Prettiest Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants”

  1. Oh what a lovely idea Sandy and a great gift for Mother’s Day. Such a stylish pendant with a dual purpose – love it! Thanks for sharing with us at Over the Moon link up.


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