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On Fire To Cure Cancer

Dragon Master Foundation - Snappets

On Fire To Cure Cancer


What if you had the power to cure cancer.  Would you exercise that ability?  Did you know that you do have the ability to bring about the cure for cancer?

Through the Dragon Master Foundation, your donations can help to bring about that cure.  Their mission is 

To develop and implement tools and technology to empower brain cancer researchers to collaborate more effectively, and further, to encourage that collaboration to find a path to the cure.

One of the simplest ways to give it to support their store, more specifically Snappets.  Snappets are really cool large finger puppets that you get to put together.  There are two to an order and they arrive flat and with everything you need to put them together.


Cure Cancer - Dragon Master Foundation - Snappets


Constructed out of very heavy paper, all you have to do is punch them out of the full sheet, fold, and play.  There’s no glue, no tape, and no scissors required.  It’s that simple.  After following the directions to put the first dragon together, I constructed the second dragon without instructions.  

The dragons are going to stand up to a lot of play.  They’re great for rainy day inside play or for times when you need your little ones to play a little more quietly, like in church or at an appointment.  The best thing is that they are only $9.99.

But…take it a step further.  For $10. you can send Snappets to kids who are fighter cancer.  Imagine lying in the hospital all day.  Feeling cruddy.  Hooked up to IVs to get your meds infused.  You want to play, but you don’t have the energy to even go into the day room and hang out with the other kids.  

If you had some Snappets, you could at least play a little in your room.  You can control and train your very own dragons.  

It’s. Only. Ten. Dollars.

Do you want to donate directly to the Dragon Master Foundation?  There’s an option for that in the store as well.  Or, you can go to my campaign on and give the Gift of Smile by donating money or paid time off, provided your company is a member, to further fund Snappets for children battling cancer.

Why the Dragon Master Foundation?  Amanda, the founder, lost her own son is a short 20 month battle with brain cancer.  The goals are lofty, but not insurmountable.  They want to build a database so that researchers can share what they learn to more rapidly find a way to overcome brain tumors in children first, and then in adults, to cure cancer.  


  • Start all your internet shopping at iGive
  • Choosing Dragon Master Foundation when you shop on AmazonSmile (start at then go to Amazon & they will both donate!)
  • Recycling for Dragon Master Foundation in your home or community with our easy mail-in program.
  • Register your Dillons/Kroger card using the code for Dragon Master Foundation #11547


You can find out more about the Dragon Master Foundation here

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Cure Cancer - Dragon Master Foundation - Snappets


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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  When you donate to Dragon Master Foundation through, you are giving through their organization and I receive nor handle any of the monies.  


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