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I Love To Bake!

I Love To Bake!

I Love To Bake!


The Love Cooking Company has some unique baking pans that will allow you to show-off your baking skills.  I’m going to show you three of them.  


Love Cooking Company PushPan



The PushPan is Love Cooking Company’s answer to the springform pan.  This is everything a springform is and more.  

The PushPan has a watertight and leak-proof patented, silicone-lined removable base that doesn’t even need to be covered in foil when put in a water bath.  And, when you register it on the Love Cooking Company page, you get a 25 year warranty!

All you need to do it pour your batter into the PushPan and bake as usual.  Once the cake is ready to be removed from the pan, all you need to do is place the PushPan on something sturdy, like an upside down bowl or coffee mug, and push the pan down.  This allows the pan’s bottom to stay on the bowl or mug and the pan to be easily removed.  No more cakes stuck in the pan.  

The anodized aluminum pan is available in two sizes; 6″ X 2″ and 8″ X 2″ and is offered through Love Cooking Company.  


Love Cooking Gourmet Cutie Cakes Baking Pan

Gourmet Cutie Cakes Baking Pan


The Love Cooking Gourmet Cutie Cakes Baking Pan allows you to bake 48 bite-sized cutie cakes.  Made from carbon steel with non-stick coating, your cutie cakes will pop right out of the pan.  It’s easily washed when you place it in the dishwasher.  

You can decorate your mini cakes all the same or make each one different.  Bake a batch and have your children and their friends decorate them for a fun party.  

Not only is the Cutie Cakes Baking Pan great for mini-cupcakes, but it’s great for savory options as well.  You can put shredded potatoes in the pan.  Add some cheese, bacon, and egg for a great breakfast bite.  The options are only limited by your thoughts.  


Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip - Love Cooking Company

Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip


The Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip is the jewel in the baking crown.  Simply put your cake batter in both pans, bake, and flip out.  In the middle of the bottom layer, you can add pudding, fruit, compote, or anything you choose.  Put the top layer on, frost, and you’ve got a luxurious layer cake that will impress.

There are a number of great recipes available on the Love Cooking Company website to get you started on your experimenting with this unique baking set.  

The carbon steel pan comes with non-stick coating and is available in a round or square pan measuring 9” x 9” x 2.25”.  


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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  


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