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NIV Greek-English New Testament

NIV Greek-English NT

The NIV Greek-English New Testament

The NIV Greek-English New Testament is a 2015 co-publication of the Greek-English New Testament and New International Version of the New Testament is a joint work between the Zondervan publishing house and the German Bible Society.

This is a detailed, scholarly work that lays out, side by side, Greek on one side and English on the right, each New Testament book along with Old Testament cross-references for many quotations at the bottom of each page.

As this is the 5th Revised Edition of this work, each previous edition’s, as well as the current edition’s, research methodology is explained in detail. Warnings about spurious references to some later and potentially heretical writers are well examined and included, but explained, also when there is no better reference to be used.

This is not a Bible to be used by the casual reader and one that I would certainly recommend for the serious researcher, who is litera , or seeking to become literate in the application of the original Greek or Syriac, where it applies.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the world’s most read modern-English Bible, the New International Version (NIV), Zondervan and Biblica have partnered on a year-long campaign featuring quarterly themes that recognize the different ways the NIV has impacted the Christian church. Today commences the fourth and final theme of the year: Made for You.

For the past fifty years, the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) has been continuously refining the NIV to ensure that it is Made for You. The CBT strives to make the NIV more readable, understandable, and relatable for everyone in today’s world – from pastors and professors to lay readers and children. To achieve this, the CBT persistently studies the latest biblical scholarship and consults a database of over 4.4 billion words that identifies trends in global English usage. Thanks to the continued work of the CBT, the NIV is the most trusted modern-English Bible in existence, making it ideal for reading, preaching and studying God’s Word. For additional information on the NIV 50th Anniversary (#NIV50), please visit


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