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Finding The Calm Within

Calm Within - Laura Sullivan

Calm Within – Music for Relaxation of Body & Mind

Recently released, Grammy winning composer and recording artist Laura Sullivan’s newest CD “Calm Within” is a wonderful collection of songs to relax your body, mind, and soul.

The music on Calm Within was created by Laura to bring about deep relaxation by using sound and rhythm, with each song having beats per minute of 60 or lower to help lower your own heart rate and, in turn, your brain waves.

These compositions were produced to bring instant well being, soothing and a feeling of purity. Intended for use for both children and adults, to alleviate stress and promote light within and to be beneficial in getting to sleep and resting peacefully through the night.

I love listening to this CD while I’m working on my computer, as well as when I’m reading.  I can feel my breathing become more rhythmic and my heart rate slow.  My brain stops racing and I find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.  It certainly would be a great part of anyone’s bedtime routine or part of a child’s nap time.

Listen to Calm Within while meditating, doing yoga, while doing massage, or doing any other activity that requires a feeling of peacefulness, calm, and well-being.

If you’re curious about what a Grammy award-winning recording sounds like, then check out Laura’s Love’s River.  The Best New Age Music Album in the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, this recording includes Laura Sullivan’s beautiful piano music as well as cello, acoustic guitar, English horn, oboe, flugelhorn, and trumpet.  It’s a delight to the senses and relaxing to the mind.

Love’s River makes excellent background music while you work, read, eat, or visit with friends.  This recording is the epitome of modern-day classical music.

She is joined by other great names in New Age music such as Will Ackerman, the founder of Windham Hill Records, Nancy Rumbel, from the duo Tingstad and Rumbel, horn player Jeff Oster, cello player Eugene Friesen, and English Horn player, Jill Haley.  All of these great names are award winners in their own right.  I highly recommend this and all of the recordings from Laura Sullivan, who proves it time and again that she is worthy of her accolades.

If you’re interested in more of Laura’s work, you can find all of her recordings HERE.  Also, check out Laura on her webpage and social media sites.

I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.


7 thoughts on “Finding The Calm Within”

  1. I feel relaxed just thinking about this Sandy – I’m popping over to the link to have a listen to some of her music – shame I won’t have any frankinsence burning while I do it! Thanks for all your work with our #OverTheMoon link up #3 ~ 🙂 Leanne


  2. Oh Sandy, I am sitting here laughing as I think of the music I listen to to relax me. Although I love relaxing music, I have this tendency to put on Rascal Flats, or Jimmy buffet and rock while I work. I will put on classical and turn it up high. I’m nuts. I am going to check these out though, they sound nice.


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