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What’s In My Emergency Go-Bag?

Terra Friendly Travel Pillow + Ohuhu sleeping bag go-bag

What’s In My Emergency Go-Bag?


I live and work for a government agency in Florida.  When you do that, you are responsible for responding during public safety emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.  I have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice and prepared to stay in the Emergency Operations Center for multiple days.  This means bringing clothes, medications, snacks, and something to sleep on in my go-bag.


Terra Friendly Travel Pillow go-bag     Terra Friendly Travel Pillow go-bag


Terra Friendly Travel Pillow go-bag


The Terra Friendly Travel Pillow is easy to carry because it deflates and is secured in its own protective bag.  But this isn’t any ordinary blow-up pillow.  First, it only takes about 4 good breaths to inflate the pillow.  

And, instead of blowing it up and only to have it deflate before you can plug the stopper in, the Terra Friendly Travel Pillow has an attached cap that you simply turn to tighten.  Deflating the pillow is just as easy.   Simply turn the cap to let the air out.  I rolled the pillow up to push the air out completely and replace it in its bag.  

The pillow has padding in it that makes it comfortable to lie on and it comes with it’s own flannel pillow case that comes in five different colors.  It’s bigger than a child’s pillow, but smaller than a normal bed pillow.  It’s perfect for emergencies, camping trips, RVs, and for when the kid’s are sleeping in the car.  



C:UsersSandyDesktopOhuhu sleeping bag go-bag.jpg


The Ohuhu Sleeping Bag is a perfect size and heaviness for me to keep in my emergency kit when I respond to the Emergency Operations Center in my county to work during disasters.  It doesn’t take up what little room I have for my necessities, but it’s not miniature by any means.  I can attach the lightweight sleeping bag onto my backpack, but it’s heavy enough to keep me warm.  

Not only that, but you can choose what side you want the zipper on your sleeping bag.  If you put a left zipper sleeping bag and a right zipper sleeping bag together, you then have a full size sleeping bag to use if you’re larger or when you want to share sleeping bags.

If you needed to have a go-bag, what would you have in yours?  


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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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