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How Are YOU Listening To Tunes?

listening to music

How Are YOU Listening To Tunes?


Frankly, I find earbuds to be less than acceptable for listening to music.  For doing anything, really.  I hate them!  My ears sweat and get very uncomfortable with earbuds shoved into my ear canal.  Recently, I was contacted by Sentey to review three of their headsets.  All of these headsets are affordable and offer different features.


listening to music - Flow

Go With The Flow


The Sentey Flow Headphones are what you need to when you travel.  Not only do they fold up, but they are safely stored in their own deluxe case.  They fit on your ear and also have a built-in, in-line microphone for gaming or for talking on your phone.  It contains a volume control slide as well.  

The 3.9 foot braided nylon cord doesn’t get kinked up when you’re using the headset and it’s easily removed from the headset when you place it back in the case.  It has a gold-plated plug for better sound conduction with less distortion.

The lightweight and comfortable ear pads don’t smoosh your ears and don’t cause your ears to get all sweaty.  The headphones are adjustable to fit your head and each position is numbered so you can remember what the best fit is for you.  

If you need a good quality headset for home, work, travel, work out, or even for the kids in the car, you can’t go wrong with the Sentey Flow Headphones.  


listening to music - Phaint

Don’t Phaint


The next winner in the Sentey family is the Sentey Phaint Headphones.  This headset is another quality item.  While it doesn’t have as many features as Flow, it does have an in-line microphone on the tangle-free nylon cord. 

While not a traditional fold-up headset, Phaint comes with its own case to protect it from damage when not in use.  It can be used for listening to music, gaming, or for talking in the phone.  The simple design gets the job done without a lot of fancy extras and looks good doing it.  

The comfortable minimalist ear cups can be twisted or folded for use when talking and listen to music or when you’re DJing at the club.  The blue and black headset is fashionable and understated.  

Just like the Flow, Phaint is a good quality headset for home, work, travel, work out, or for the kids in the car, you can’t go wrong with the Sentey Phaint Headphones.  


listening to music - Artix

The Ultimate Headset


The Sentey Artix Headset is Ah-mazing!  I have never had anything like this.  It is plugged into your USB port to bring you an unrivaled audio experience. It has volume control as well as vibration control, which makes it the ultimate gamer’s headset as well as the best for listening to every dynamic of a song.

The thing that I love the most, besides the uber-clear sound quality, is the vibration.  It enhances the sound of the bass making it a deeper, more booming sound.  This is a particularly good thing for gamers, who will have a more realistic sound in a first-person game.  This is extreme definition stereo sound with an integrated subwoofer.  

There is a volume controller on the headset as well as some really cool-looking LED lights that can be turned on to give them an other-worldly look.  I love that the ear cups completely cover my ears.  This makes it easier to wear my glasses and earrings.  Other headsets press against my ears making wearing my glasses almost painful.  I almost always had to remove my earrings before Artix.  Not only that, but this headset doesn’t sit on your head like other ones.  The headset has a strap that sits on your head without making it feel like a hard piece of plastic resting on your skull.  

The microphone stays out of the way until you’re ready to use it.  Tucked into the left headphone, the microphone folds down to rest next to your mouth without ever touching your face.  Talk your way through the latest video game or to a friend while you’re chilling at the beach, but when you don’t want your microphone in the picture, it’s gone with the flip of your finger.  The cord is braided nylon and them covered for protection in a plastic tube.  The cord is 7.21 feet long!  

While the price is more than affordable, Artix is not for your kids.  The Artix is for YOU!  Exquisite quality sound.  Game and/or music vibration and deep bass.  Comfort.  I only wish that they came with their own case to stow away safely from harm.  You’re going to want to keep this baby for yourself.  Listening to music will never be the same again.  I highly recommend this headset.

See Part 2 of the Sentey story HERE.  


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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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