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The Art of Growing Your Own Food

Coco Fiber Seed Pots Growing Food

The Art of Growing Your Own Food


Growing your own food has become a hot topic on the internet.  Food purchased in the stores has been grown with GMO-produced seeds, are processed, and contain lots of unwanted chemicals causing all sorts of problems with allergies.

One of the ways that we can actually control what we are feeding our families is by taking the guesswork out of it all and by growing our own food.  But, where do you begin?  

For my family, we not only live in an apartment, we live in an apartment with northern exposure.  Our only windows that get any sun face west and get about 4 hours of the sun’s intensity every afternoon.  Plus, we have a cat.  Forget having untouched plants.  

Thankfully, you don’t live in our apartment and can start even the most minimal garden at home.  You can start by growing herbs for cooking.  Basil, mint, chives, parsley, and cilantro are some of the easiest herbs to grown at home.  

These Coco Fiber Seed Pots make growing herbs or starting other vegetables and plants from seed easy.  For the actual how-to part of it, Karen at the Art of Doing Stuff teaches us the basics in her post How to Grow Vegetables from Seed!.  Fascinating stuff for sure.

You can buy heirloom seeds and non-GMO seeds just by looking online.  Pretty much all of the seeds that you’re purchasing from the big box home stores have been treated one way or another and aren’t just “seed”.  Dawn, at Small Footprint Family, has already made up a list of places to buy non-GMO seeds in her post How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Garden, so please go check it out.

Use these pots to teach your classroom or homeschoolers about growing things from seed in health and science lessons.  Studies show that by allowing our children to grow their own food, they are more likely to eat healthier.  The lessons are endless and the benefits will last a lifetime.

The Coco Fiber Seed Pot kit comes with 54 pots, plastic trays to place under the coco fiber seed pots to keep them from tipping, wood plant labels to stick in the soil of each pot to identify the seeds and plants, and 4 pages of thorough instructions from Clover’s Garden Center.  

Now, all of this talking about growing herbs, vegetables, and even flowers, has made me want to try it here this dark cave that we live in.  If all else fails, I can grow grass for the cat.  Perhaps even some catnip, if I get brave.  



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1 thought on “The Art of Growing Your Own Food”

  1. I have always loved growing my own veg, but alas like you I live in a flat with no garden and an indoor cat!! I am lucky though, my parenrt are wonderful gardners ans I always get plenty of fresh veg from them.


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