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Sold Out: Live For Jesus

Sold Out: Live For Jesus

Sold Out:  Live For Jesus, a 2015 Lucid Book publication by Carla McDougal , is an exceptionally thorough discipleship manual for anyone at any stage of their Christian walk, whether they have just been saved, have lapsed in their faith, or have been long focused on the best, closest walk with the Lord.

Sold Out:  Live For Jesus, which I read on Kindle, was very readable and easy to follow, with sections broken down to no more than several minutes in length and all following the same format. This facilitated ease of study, memorization (there is some of that), and all put in proper context for the next successive step in the journey that Carla will take you on.

She further personalizes each chapter by disciplining the reader with her own personal stories about how God moved in her life from childhood to college and marriage to parenthood and grandparenthood.

There were several memorable sections of the book that I’ll be taking to heart for the long term as I approach the end of one career and begin a new one, as my son reaches adulthood and independent life and my wife of 26 years and I seek the Holy Spirit’s best guidance for our path in the future.

Each section of Sold Out:  Live For Jesus dedicates parts to Scripture memorization and selecting the scriptures that resonate most deeply to the reader and then encourages journaling of those verses at the end of each chapter.

I hope you will read this book and take the lessons to heart and journal, as this carries the greatest value, I think.

Like I tell my students, often the best way to commit something to your heart is to teach it someone else!
I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking greater focus in their walk and a more systematic approach to the Scriptures that will lead to that greater focus.


I’m a product review blogger and I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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