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Jairus and His Lilychild


Jairus and His Lilychild


I was privileged to be asked by Dr. John & Susan Thompson to proof read their book, The Lilychild"" and I wanted to share my review.

The Lilychild is a story of the rabbi, Jairus, and his daughter, who share a special relationship. It is based on the story found in the Bible in three of the four Gospels (Mark 5:21-43, Matthew 9:18-26, and Luke 8:40-56)

It’s a precious story of of the love of a father and his daughter, the trials in their affluent lives, and the joy of truly meeting their Savior. The story talks of Lilychild’s growing up and coming into maturity, as well as the family preparing for her marriage.  In the story, there is a fictionalized version of Jairus’ dealings with the temple leaders and his responsibilities in caring for the temple. 

Jesus, who was in the midst of his earthly ministry,  was requested by Jairus to go to his home to heal his beloved Lilychild. It is a wonderful story for teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents.  I highly recommend this heartwarming look at the early days of Jesus’ ministry and it’s transforming power in one Jewish family.


“John & Susan Thompson have diligently served in full-time ministry for over 35 years. Their labor throughout the years can be summed up in one word – faithful. We hope you enjoy their work in this biblical fiction – The Lilychild.”

John & Lisa Bevere




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