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Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic + Jewelry Organizer

My new cosmetic and jewelry organizer keeps my makeup organized and easily accessible when I need it. The two-piece organizer is made of strong molded acrylic, which is transparent, and it comes with black felted drawer liners. The liners are a great touch and they prevent things from rolling around freely as well as keeping the noise down.

There are spots to keep lipsticks, but they aren’t as deep as I’d like them to be. I would love to see those small areas go all the way to the bottom of the top piece of the organizer so that I could keep eyeliner or some of my lip gloss in it.

There is a larger area on the top portion of the cosmetic and jewelry organizer that fits larger bottles of serum or moisturizer or multiple mascaras.  There’s another large area for containers or a catch-all for change or rings.

There are four drawers in this cosmetic and jewelry organizer.  The top two drawers are half the width of the bottom two drawers.  These drawers are good for keeping smaller items such as earrings or small tubes.

The bottom two drawers are fairly generous and I keep my eyeshadow brushes in one drawer. My blush and blush brushes fit with more than enough room in one drawer, but my powder brush is too long to fit inside. I put eyeliners and brow accessories in the other large drawer.

This is a great started jewelry organizer for a young girl or cosmetic holder for your teen girl.  But, it’s a great organizer for moms as well.  I love having all of my cosmetics available rather than in my old cosmetics carrier.



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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