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Win $15 for Publix Snacks Here!

Publix Snacks Program

Win $15 for Publix Snacks!


Just last week I was craving a salty snack.  My favorite is Tostito’s Hint of Lime.  That limey, salty crunch really satisfies.  My family like Tostino’s Original Restaurant Style.  They have a chip for every taste.


Publix Snacks Program


With the Publix Snack, Share, Save event you will be able to save $5 instantly when you buy $20 worth of participating items from PepsiCo, General Mills, and Unilever between 9/24 and 9/30 just by visiting the Publix campaign landing page.

The participating items are:  

• Yoplait® Greek 100, Greek 100 Whips, or Yoplait® Plenti, Yoplait® 4 oz or 6 oz cups (Light, Original, Whips, etc.)
• Frito-Lay® 20-count multipacks
• Naked® Juice 15.2 oz
• Quaker Chewy® Granola Bars or Dipps Value Pack
• General Mills Fruit Snacks Value Pack
• Popsicle®
• Fiber One® Cookies
• Chex® Snack Mix
• Tostito’s 9 – 14 oz bagged snacks (except Baked, Simply & Artisan blend)
• Lipton® Iced Tea 1 gallon jug
• Totino’s Pizza Rolls 90 ct.
• Magnum® Core 3 ct

Not everyone wants chips to snack on and Naked Juice has 23 juices with nearly every fruit flavor under the sun.  It’s full of healthy goodness and has 100% juice.  Red Machine has the berry flavors that I like and I feel good about drinking it knowing that I’m getting real fruit and lots of fiber.  


Publix Snacks Program


Stocking up on snacks now will prevent you from having unsatisfied cravings in the evening.  Pick up some of your favorite brands for the best savings at Publix.  

Sharing means saving! Visit the Publix campaign landing page and share this Publix Snack, Share, Save post with friends and let them in on the giveaway! You and your friends will be able to save $5 instantly when you buy $20 worth of participating items listed above between 9/24 and 9/30.


DISCLAIMER:  Winner MUST have a PayPal account to receive winnings.  Winner must respond to my email within 24 hours of being notified.  If the initial winner has not responded within 24 hours of my email, a new winner will be chosen and will have 24 hours to respond.  This giveaway if sponsored by Publix.  The Giveaway runs from 9/9/15 at 6 AM to 9/29/15 at 9 PM.  



125 thoughts on “Win $15 for Publix Snacks Here!”

  1. My family and I love Tostitos. We use them as snacks, but we also cook with Tostitos to make several Mexican Dishes which the whole family loves. The number one recipe I use Tostitos for is a Mexican casserole where I use the Tostitos as a base and top for the casserole.


  2. Everyone in our family love Naked Juices because it is all natural and delicious. Perfect way to get more fruits and vegetables while on the go.


  3. The iced tea (sweet) is the big favorite in this house. Refreshing, delicious, a true Southern staple, and sometimes even a coffee substitute, it’s a very important beverage here.


  4. My boys love Popsicles! In the summer, they love playing outside, and Popsicles are a great way for them to cool down and get some liquid into them.


  5. The Frito-Lay® 20-count multipacks is a favorite in my house because everyone likes something different. It’s a great variety of flavors for all of us.


  6. I don’t actually have a Publix near my house. The first one recently opened up in my area, but it’s 20 or so miles away, so I haven’t visited yet. I have read good things about Publix, though. For now, I’m sticking with my Harris Teeter and Walmart. 🙂


  7. Publix is my favorite grocery store. I just love their awesome BOGO deals and the friendly customer service. Those hint of lime chips sound amazing, by the way. I definitely need to be on the lookout because I’ve never seen those! Yay for finding new, yummy snacks!!


  8. I miss shopping at Publix! Every time I go into one of the stores out here, I always think they could take some lessons from Publix. We don’t eat a lot of processed foods, BUT Doritos and Tostitos are a favorite splurge for my family.


  9. I would have to say one of our favorites is the Chex® Snack Mix! I grew up with my mom making this for us in the oven….and it was always my favorite. I love that they have it bagged and ready to sell…such beautiful memories!


  10. Well, I was trying really hard to pick a healthy snack.Then, I got to the end of the list, and saw the Magnum Core Bars. That was the end of the story. Ice cream and chocolate wins, hands down, every time!


  11. our favorite item is tostitos scoops because it is great for scooping salsa and dips! i very much like the multigrain version as well!


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