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Slow Cooker Pulled Beef

Slow Cooker Pulled Beef

I’ve never used meat claws before and I had some to review.  Since I love pulled beef, I decided to make it in the Crock Pot, which I rarely use.  I had to run to the store anyway, so I started looking up recipes for pulled beef.  If you Google “slow cooker pulled beef”, you’ll get over 600,000 hits.  Because I didn’t have time to look them all up. I decided to take some of all the recipes I looked at and make my own recipe.

I purchased a beef shoulder roast of about 3 lbs.  It didn’t have a lot of fat on it, so I didn’t trim any off of the roast.  After opening the package, I drizzled a little olive oil on the roast, rubbed it in, and salted and peppered the one side.  I put the seasoned side of the roast in the slow cooker and did the same thing to the exposed side.

After cutting the skins off of my garlic with a Nano Razor Ceramic Knife on the bamboo cutting board, I used a garlic mincer to mince 5 cloves of garlic right on top of the roast.  You can use more or less depending on your personal taste.  I sprinkled the roast with some Montreal Steak Seasoning for some added flavor.  For the surprise ingredient, I measured out 3 cups of Dr Pepper soda in some stainless steel measuring cups to add to the Crock Pot for added fluid and flavor.  I set the slow cooker on high and left it for 3 hours.

I used the meat claws to pull the beef and then popped it back into the Crock Pot to soak up the juicy goodness that was in there.  It was definitely a hit with my guys.  Next time, I want to try beer as the liquid.  The alcohol burns off and it gives the meat a different flavor.  The Montreal Steak Seasoning has a different taste and it quite apparent when you’re eating the meat.  I might research some other herbs and seasonings.



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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