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Miracle Comb Grooming Brush

Miracle Comb Pro Quality Grooming Brush

Miracle Comb Grooming Brush


Pets shed here in Florida pretty much all year long, with Spring being the worst time and my Eddy had recently started to have more hairballs and he was shedding a lot.  After I groomed him with the Miracle Comb Grooming Brush, the hairballs stopped.      

While his coat is too thin for the larger comb, the fine comb removed tons of hair.  His coat looks so great now that all the dull hair is gone.  The larger comb has two lines of ridged metal bristles; one row is longer than the other.  It’s made to go through longer coats and for larger pets.  

The head of the grooming brush is on a small swivel, which allows some movement when brushing your pet and flexes to follow your pet’s contours.  Whether you’re simply brushing your pet or you’re working out mats and tangles in their coat, the professional quality Miracle Comb Grooming Brush is the right tool for the job.

The yellow handle makes finding your Miracle Comb Grooming Brush easy no matter where you store it when it’s not in use.  The rubber handle is easy to grip and it has a contoured handle that makes gripping it easier.  It has a hole in the end of the handle for easy hanging by the hole itself or if you string something through it.  

When you buy this grooming brush, barkOutfitters donates $1 to no-kill animal shelters.  So, not only are you helping out the shelter pets, but you’re helping out your own pet, too.  So get yourself a Miracle Comb Grooming Brush today.  



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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