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Poop Spray…Yes, I Said “POOP”!

Mask poop spray

Mask Poop Spray


Mask Poop Spray is a bathroom air freshener like I’ve never seen before.  Not only does it work better than chemicals that are sprayed into the air, it works differently.

You use Mask Poop Spray BEFORE you use the toilet. 

  1. Shake well,
  2. Hold bottle about 6 inches above the water in your toilet,
  3. Spray 3-5 times to create a film on top of the water,
  4. Use the toilet.

Used in this manner, Mask Poop Spray will trap all of the odors while you’re using the toilet. 

It really does work and it smells lovely doing it. Your bathroom is left with a hint of coconut and lime rather than waves of poop.  Your guests won’t be embarrassed when they visit your home and you won’t be embarrassed when you’re out using a toilet outside of your home.

The 2 oz brown plastic spray bottle is small enough to carry in your purse or diaper bag, but large enough to have up to 150 uses.  You’ll leave the room where you’ve just changed your little one’s atomic diaper smelling like you just put on sun tan lotion. 

Mask doesn’t contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and have the same fragrant oils used in the finest soy candles.  The plastic bottle won’t spill when it’s thrown in your purse, diaper bag, or luggage because it has a strong steel gasket cap that will stay tight. 

Worth its weight in gold, you’ll never be embarrassed again when you leave the bathroom when you use Mask Poop Spray. 


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


2 thoughts on “Poop Spray…Yes, I Said “POOP”!”

  1. I love products that do not contain chemicals and this sounds really different to try. The name is really funny too, andI would much rather smell the coconut and lime scent!


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