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Travel Products You Must Have

Do you have to travel?  Do I have some must-have products for you.  Travel bottles for those things that you just HAVE to bring.  Space saver bags, so that your clothes don’t spill out all over when TSA go through your luggage.  And, finally, a great travel pillow so that you can get some shut-eye on the way to your destination.


travel bottles

Wayro Travel Bottles


Wayro Travel Bottles come three to a package.  What make these bottles stand out from the rest is that they are leak-proof, TSA approved, and customizable for whatever product you put into them.  Check out the lid – 


travel bottles


Not only is there a piece that goes into the closed cap to help ensure that there’s not leakage, but there is only a narrow opening for the liquid product to come out.  It’s a flap of plastic with only an X cut into it for the product to exit.  The air is easily squeezed out of the bottle to create a suction so that leakage is prevented.  

The neck of the bottle comes off so that you can choose what product is inside.  The piece that goes over the neck has one hole that you place over the product type.  That way you’re not mixing up the shampoo and conditioner or your lotion with sunscreen.  Check it out – 


travel bottles


There’s a suction cup on each of the bottles so that they are handily kept in the shower stuck to the wall and out of the way.

I loved taking the travel bottles with me.  I had no issues with the TSA and I had no problems with leaking bottles.  I highly recommend them.  

space saver travel bags

Space Saver Travel Bags


Space Saver Travel Bags come in sizes that are small to large with a dozen to a package.  What set these space saver bags apart from the others is that they don’t require you to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air.  All you need to do, after putting your items inside, is to seal the bag about 90% and then roll the air out of it.  

I packed 5 days worth of clothes in my small suitcase and I didn’t need my carry-on bag for my personal items.  I had 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, 7 casual shirts, 7 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, a travel towel, and a bathing suit in 4 travel bags.  It certainly did make traveling easier for me.  

The best part about using space saver bags was that I put my dirty clothes in them and kept my clean and dirty clothes separate.  And, I’m not sure if the TSA actually opened my suitcase, but if they had, my clothes wouldn’t have gotten tossed about or dropped by accident.  Everything was exactly where I packed it.  Had my perfume bottle gotten broken or my lotion exploded, my clothes would have been protected for anything that might have spilled.  

These space saver bags are great for storing your seasonal clothes and keeping them safe from moths or mildew.  I highly recommend them. 


travel pillow

Enzo Comfort Travel Neck Pillow


Enzo Comfort Travel Neck Pillow is a memory foam pillow with cooling gel padding.  It comes in it’s own travel bag to keep it safe from dirt and damage.  I have always wanted a travel pillow so that I don’t get a crick in my neck when I try to nap.  

It comes with a snap at the bottom of the pillow so that you can secure the pillow in place, whether it’s on your neck or secured on to you carry-on bag.  It fits perfectly around your neck without the feeling of being choked.  The pillow has ridges in it for you head to comfortably rest when you lay to the side.  

This memory foam pillow comes with a deep red velour cover with a gray drawstring nylon bag.  The cover can be removed for convenient cleaning.  The pillow easily fits into the bag and quickly returns to its normal shape within seconds.  The cooling gel prevents the pillow from getting too hot, forcing you to get overheated.  It keeps you cool the whole time.

The pillow is made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.  Whether you carry this on a plane or in your car, your neck will be supported and napping will be a breeze with your travel pillow.  It’s so cool that you could leave it next to your chair for your next afternoon nap.  I highly recommend it.


Check out my other travel products:  Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask and Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cubes.  


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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Reference ID: pm5810733635b8629df4a4badaaef78f6c


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