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ARBI + The Fire Breathing Dragon


ARBI + The Fire Breathing Dragon

ARBI + The Fire Breathing Dragon is the most amazing book that I’ve ever seen.  By using augmented reality, by Iker Burguera, an author and engineer from Spain, makes your child’s books can come alive.  I watched the video, but until I saw it myself, I didn’t really believe it.  Look for yourself.

Once you have the book, ARBI + the Fire Breathing Dragon, you download the ARBI app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.  I downloaded it to my tablet so that I would have a large screen to view with.  After the app is installed, all you need to do it point your device to the images on the books and WOWSERS!  The pictures actually come alive. The story is about ARBI and his three friends and how they work together to defeat the fire-breathing dragon, who is trying to burn the village down.  It’s a story of friendship, teamwork, and acceptance.  It’s a great story for children of all ages.  Children in late elementary school will be able to read the story out loud.  Younger children will be able to run the device to watch the characters on the page move.

While it’s recommended for children ages 6 to 12, it would make a great gift for children of all ages, whether for a birthday, special occasion, or as a Christmas gift.  The book is under $14 and the app is free, o it can compete with any other book that you would consider, but it will keep children a lot more engaged than a regular book.   The book is available is different languages (English, Spanish, Basque, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, and German).  This is THE new way to read and engage with your child.  No longer is technology controlling your child, but your child is controlling technology.


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


2 thoughts on “ARBI + The Fire Breathing Dragon”

  1. What a super idea this book is. My son would have loved the action and colors when he was younger. Books are really changing now!


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