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Turmerex Turmeric Extract

Turmerex Turmeric Extract

Turmerex Turmeric Extract


Turmerex Turmeric Extract, a professional grade supplement, contains 750mg extract standardized to 95%, which means you are getting one of the most potent turmeric supplements available on the market.

Indians have been using turmeric, a spice, for thousands of years for its medicinal properties.  It’s been known to support cognitive function, promote joint health, support a healthy immune system, and it helps neutralize free radicals.  

In taking this supplement, I have found that I am retaining much less water than when I don’t take it.  Even though I’m taking diuretics!  There is something to be said for taking turmeric medicinally.  This also helps with the joint pain that I tend to have in the warmer, more humid months.

The evidence speaks for itself.  Dr. Weil says that we should be taking turmeric for cancer prevention, to relieve inflammation that aggravates arthritis, and for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.  There is some schools of thought that turmeric may help relieve heartburn and delay diabetes.  


Turmerex Turmeric Extract


Not only does turmeric give traditionally Indian food that lovely yellow-orange color, it tastes great, too.  It’s one of the spices used in the blend for curry.  It’s not that hard to sprinkle some on your chicken to give your family a new flavor to try.  But, it’s easiest to take it in the Turmerex Turmeric Extract capsules, which don’t contain any artificial ingredients or flavors.  Each bottle contains 60 pills, enough for 2 months.  

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