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Compact Wall Surge Protector

Compact Wall Surge Protector

Compact Wall Surge Protector


Compact Wall Surge Protector doesn’t get under your feet like traditional surge protectors do because it’s attached to the wall.  I removed the outlet cover and plugged in the surge protectors.  Then I screwed it into the screw hole where the outlet cover was originally.  Now, it’s secure from being knocked out accidentally.

The really awesome thing about this surge protector is that you not only get 6 plugs to protect all of your electronics, but you get 2 USB charging ports as well.  No more having to plug in your charging cord, forcing you to have to unplug something.  You can simply charge your phone, iPod, mp3 player, tablet, or whatever device you choose whether they have 2 or 3 pronged plugs.  It will keep your home theater protected as well as your photography studio charged.  

The surge protector is fairly flat against the wall so it can easily hide behind furniture and desks.  The LED lights let you know that your electronics are being protected and are grounded.  The surge protector comes in black or white and has a child protection feature.  You can cover any of the outlets that are not in use to prevent little fingers from getting shocked or burned.  

This surge protector is a great item to take along when on vacation or on business trips where it’s often difficult to find more than a couple of plugs.  You can keep the whole family charged and ready to go with this great product.  

Guaranteed for life to protect your valuable electronics from electrical surges, you need to get the Rebelite Compact Wall Surge Protector, although the surge protector itself is guaranteed from manufacturing defects for one year with a no questions asked return policy.  



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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