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Shandali Yoga Mat + a Lifetime Guarantee

Shandali Yoga Mat

Shandali Yoga Mat


Shanti means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility and bliss

Mandali from the Sanskrit mandala meaning circle, connection, community

Shandali is a combination of Shanti and Madali


The Shandali Yoga Mat is a 26″ X 71″ is made from 100% renewable tree rubber.  It’s non-Amazon harvested and doesn’t contain foam or PVC.  It initially has a scent that quickly dissipates after you take it out of its package.   

Your Shandali Yoga Mat comes in black night.  It has a SuperGrip technology, an anti-slip texture that allows you to have a steady grip while the mat is wet or dry and whether you use a yoga mat towel or not.  


Shandali Yoga Mat


The yoga mat is cushioned well to give your body’s joints and muscles support in your poses and to minimize injury.  You’ll be well-supported when you are in the gym when you use your Shandali yoga mat.  

Shandali has a great quality line of items to meet all of your Ashtanga, Bikram, fitness, hot yoga, Phthalates, Pilates, or yoga needs.  From mats and towels to blocks.  They works to be sure that all of their products are ethically produced.  

Shandali offers all of its customers a free course in meditation, normally a $37 value, when you purchase a yoga mat.  And, because your Shandali Yoga Mat comes with a lifetime guarantee, it will be the last yoga mat you will ever need to buy!

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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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