Not So Snarky Sandy


We’re getting down to the end of the alphabet.  Today for Saturday Six, Patrick’s Place is highlighting the letter “S”, which just happens to be a favorite of mine.

1. S is for SACCHARIFEROUS: You’re presented with a tray of sweeteners for your coffee: if you had to choose, are you more likely to select real sugar, Equal, Sweet-N-Low, Splenda or Truvia?

I would go for the real sugar.  I think that the sweeteners taste funny to me and I don’t honestly believe that they are good for consumption.  While I rarely sweeten anything I eat or drink, I do use honey in my herbal tea.

2. S is for SALSA: Which type of salsa do you prefer: watery with some vegetable and spice pieces, paste with everything ground in evenly, or little liquid with big vegetable/spice chunks?

Salsa with little liquid and big veggies and spice pieces is more like pico de gallo.  Salsa that is like a pasta with everything equally ground is more spaghetti sauce.  I think I prefer a nice blend of with some liquid and some chunks for my salsa.

3. S is for SAVINGS: Do you feel like you’re putting enough money in your savings month to month for the future?

I honestly don’t think we’re putting enough away in savings.  We have a little money left over from the sale of our house and our income tax refund and we are using that for our anniversary/vacation celebration.  We both save for our retirements on top of our pensions and paying into Social Security, but I’d like to see a pot of money that we don’t touch at all.  It’s just a way to ease my mind that we’ll have enough when we do retire.

4. S is for SLANG: What’s a slang word that particularly annoys you?

I dislike slang that’s used to describe people individually or in groups.  It’s not only slang, but it’s name-calling.  I don’t find that attractive at all, but it seems to be pervasive in the youth these days.

5. S is for SNARK: Do you find the majority of snarky comments you see online to be funny or rude?

I find snarky comments to be rude and disrespectful.  It’s like sarcasm.  What’s said to be funny has a ring of truth to it.  Snarky comments do the same thing.

6. S is for SOUND: What’s the worst sound you’ve ever woken up to?

The worst sound I’ve ever woken up to is our former neighbors screaming, yelling, and banging around their apartment.  I sounded like she was being physically assaulted.  My husband and I actually called the police.  Thank God that they’ve moved and much, much quieter neighbors have moved in.

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