Who Am I?

Where do we get our faulty self-perception?  Was it from our parents, siblings, classmates, the public?  We must remember that there are very few women who look like what we perceive of as the ideal woman, yet we continue to try to look like or emulate her.  We think we will never be good enough or that we’ll never measure up.  We continue to look for our value in the outside world by exercising ourselves to death, starving ourselves, living lifestyles that don’t satisfy and do things that the world tells us we have to do to be ideal.

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5 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. Sandy, this is lovely. I wish I would have believed these words when I was struggling with self-esteem in middle school. You are so right that even the women who try to look like the “ideal woman” end up looking fake! My mom always told me there will always me someone who is “more” than you – prettier, richer, smarter, etc. It’s fruitless to wish you are something you are not.

    Thanks for sharing!


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