Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Hero

See that awesome woman in the photo with me?  That’s my mom!  She is my hero.  Besides the fact that everyone says we look like sisters (which makes me sigh), she is the one person that tells me like it is.  It used to be that she would call me and invite me out to dinner or lunch.  I’d think to myself, “Ok, what did I do now?”  Now, she just puts it out there.

You might think that this would be disconcerting.  But, I think it has made me a much better person.  For example, I would get in trouble at work when I was younger for speaking out of turn, being too eager to get something done, or stepping on someone’s toes.  My name was forever coming up in management meetings.  I haven’t been in trouble like that for YEARS.  I’ve matured and have learned what I can and can’t do before I get in trouble.

I would never have matured like I have had it not been for my mom.  She’ll tell you our relationship changed and became more like friends after she watched/helped me give birth to my son.  It did start then but got even closer as the last 20 years have gone by.

All I know is that I like having someone I can talk to, bounce things off of, or rant to who’s going to give me good, solid advice and my mom is that person.  My hero!


I wanted to add this comment my mother left on Facebook so you could all see just how awesome she is.

Let me tell you about my life as the mother of a vibrant, loving, intelligent young woman. Forty-six years ago I held her just outside the delivery room. I said to her father, “All I want is that she be a good person.” Sandy is all that and more! A joy to raise, a pleasure to spend time with, a child who brought joy, love, pride and so many other blessings. We loved her so much that we decided she was all we needed – and she was! It was our job to raise her so that she could stand on her own two feet as an adult. It was hard to teach her by encouraging her to be independent, but the rewards have been so great. Sandy makes it easy to be her mom. She is thoughtful, generous, friendly and responsible to a fault. She understands what it takes to be a good friend even when she gets hurt for being one. Even now, she will listen to constructive advice willingly and take that advice without bitterness or hurt pride. I am so proud and blessed to have her for a daughter and a friend. She has brought me more pleasure than she will ever know.

Five Minute Friday


14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Hero”

  1. I am so happy for you that you still have your mom in your life. I lost mine over 30 years ago. I can attest…there is nothing like a mom for someone to talk to. Enjoy her. Blessings….


  2. We need people in our lives we can listen to because when they “put it out there” it’s only because they love us. What a blessing to have both the honesty and love in someone you call “mom.”
    Loved your song last week! As I was listening, I saw two of your biggest fans (your mom and hubby) standing on the side to cheer you on : )


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