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My Pinterest Meal


I was looking for something for dinner for us because we don’t often get to eat meals together with Tim working until 7 or 8 PM every night.  I started looking through my recipes on Pinterest.  I decided to do a whole meal based on these recipes and post about it.  So, tonight we are having Marinated Flank Steak, Parmesan Upside-Down Baked Potatoes, Buttery Lemon Spinach, and for dessert, Fresh Apple Cake.

I love being able to use fresh lemons.  I have two recipes that need them today.  I got my glass juicer when someone was getting rid of it.  It was a worthy acquisition.


I made such a mess when I put the flank steak in the container; slopped the marinade all over the stove making an even bigger mess.

While that was marinating, I sat and had a cup of coffee and worked on the family tree before I started working on the Fresh Apple Cake.  I used 2 Golden Delicious apples, a Dunkin Hines yellow cake mix, a stick of butter, but I added the juice of one lemon to moisten some of the cake batter on top.  I thought it might add a fresher taste to the cake.  We bought some vanilla ice cream to have with the cake. 😉



I sat down and had another cup of coffee while the cake baked and worked on my husband’s side of the family on  Their immigration records were all free to see this weekend, so I tried to get as much information as possible.  I really don’t have the time to pay for the membership and then do all I need to do to get a complete tree.  Although, I have traced my mother’s mother’s family back to the late 1100’s.


Once, the cake was cooked, I started on the potatoes.  Really, these are very easy.  I did take someone’s suggestion and add fresh rosemary to the bottom mix of cheese, garlic powder, sea salt, and fresh black pepper.  The red potatoes didn’t look all that great in the store, so I got some smaller baking potatoes instead.  I bought grated Parmesan by accident, so I had to send Tim to the store to get the shredded instead.


When I put the potatoes in the over to begin cooking for 45 minutes, I took the flank steak out to come to room temperature.  What a fine looking piece of dead cow!

I moved on to cleaning off the dining room table AKA the catch-all location of the house.  We have both laptops as well as other stuff on it.  It’s more like a very large desk.

IMG_20130902_171155_172   IMG_20130902_181313_273    IMG_20130902_181053_402    IMG_20130902_181403_490


Here’s the outcome of our meal.  The flank steak was delicious.  I would recommend using the full 6 hours or more of marinating time.  We just didn’t have that kind of planning, so ours was marinated about 4 hours.  The potatoes were good, but the tops of the potatoes didn’t have the same flavor of the bottom.  I might cut the potatoes in half in the middle and then in half again lengthwise and place them in a larger pan so that more of the potato bottoms were touched by the parm.  The spinach was just a bit too lemony.  In my world, that’s pretty darn lemony.  I like lemon.

Here’s what we all thought of the Apple Cake.  I added some lemon after the butter because there was a lot of un-moistened cake mix.  There still was a little when it finished baking, but it wasn’t much and didn’t affect the overall outcome of the cake, which was a hit among the three of us.


Overall, this was a really fun way to plan a meal.  All of the recipes were a success, even if I would have changed some things along the way.  I will definitely be doing this again.

Not only can you find great recipes on Pinterest, you can also find great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery.


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