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Freedom Isn’t Free

IMG_20130524_070355_767This weekend in the United States we celebrate the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  We honor them.  We honor their families,  because it’s not only the military person that sacrifices, but the family.  And we honor those who continue to live in service to the American people.  Thank you!

My bracelet pictured above honors Commander Joseph P. Dunn, USN.  I learned in searching online for his story, which I read every year, that his widow, Maureen, died this month.  She never remarried and never stopped helping bring our POW’s and MIA’s home.  Her story and the story of her fight to find out what happened to her husband is told in “The Search for Canasta 404: Love, Loss, and the POW/MIA Movement“.

What I did learn is that the American government abandoned Cdr. Dunn after his unarmed plane was shot down in the China Sea on 2/14/1968.  He successfully parachuted from his plane and his beacon was picked up by the government.  The United States said that they were afraid of the problems it might cause with China.

Thank a veteran for their service.  Thank their family as well.

Sending many thanks and much love to Scott Williams and Benn Barr, and Rich Segla and Alexandra Penrod for their continued service.  Sending special thanks to Tricia and Akino and all of the children.


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