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God is Faithful! (Patience – day 86)

urlI just wanted to write this post to encourage someone.  Today is day 86 of 2013 and day 86 of my year of patience.  I have fabulous news to announce to my dear readers.  Today at 1 PM, Scott and I were no longer home owners!!!  <cue cheering crowd here!>

By the time you read this, I will have signed off on the final paperwork without my darling husband, because he has to be out of town during business hours this week for work.  He signed off on his paperwork last night with our realtor, Steve Scherpf with SSI Realty.  I can’t sing this man’s praises enough.  If you live in the Pinellas County, Florida area and need a realtor, please call Steve.  He is THE BEST REALTOR EVER!!!

Steve told me last night, as I was giving him updates on my husband’s ETA (estimated time of arrival), that the drama of the house sale continued even through the day with the mortgage company asking for unnecessary paperwork and not understanding why it wasn’t necessary (I.E. lead-based paint disclosure on a house built in 1998).  I mean, really?  Who ARE these people?   And where did they get their crazy rules?

I want to let you know that never, ever, even one time did I doubt God’s promise to be faithful and for the sale of our house to go through.  I certainly was tested.  Our house was never without a buyer for more than 72 hours after it went on the market.  Four buyers in less than one month and the last buyer, whose realtor and mortgage company promised that the financing was in order and then wasn’t.  I could have lived without the roller coaster ride we’ve been on since the beginning of January, but then I wouldn’t have known how trusting of God I’d be and I wouldn’t see just how faithful He is.  Nonetheless, I’m glad that it’s over.




10 thoughts on “God is Faithful! (Patience – day 86)”

  1. He IS so faithful! Love your roller coaster pic. I hope there are kiddy rides in your future… at least for a little while:) Have a God-loving, totally amazing Easter season.


  2. He really is faithful, and He’s been bringing that to my attention lately. Glad He is seeing you through your testings. 🙂

    Is it really already day 86?? That’s nuts.


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