Faith, Family, Patience 2013

Patience – day 60 and the week of the big move

OneWord2013_PatienceDay 60.  So much has happened from day 42 to today.  This week, we moved from our house to our new apartment.  Thank God we had the foresight to take the whole week off because I’m exhausted and I’m hurting.  Here’s the run down:

Monday, the movers came and moved all of our belongings to our apartment.  While Scott was at the house with them, I came over to the apartment and got our keys.  I also unpacked my car of all of the pet stuff, along with the pets.  My car was packed to the hilt.  I got everything out and into the garage, then I moved it all upstairs except for the actual fish tank.  That thing is heavy!

I got the cat, his litter box, and food into the laundry room.  I got the fish tank stand and all of the fixings for it upstairs.  Did I mention we have stairs?  Man, oh, man, we have stairs.  When the movers came, they graciously brought the tank up.  Poor fish was out of his tank for probably 3 hours.  The movers took half the time they estimated to move us, so the bill was half of what we expected.  Halleluiah!  We started to unpack.  My parents were wonderful and made dinner for us, so we walked over to their building, ate, and came home to our apartment to sleep.  As an aside, our house appraised and the closing is moving forward for the sale of our house.

Tuesday, Scott and I went back to the house to get the rest of our stuff and vacuum the place out.  We, also, met up with the guys from the Center of Hope Thrift Store so that they could take all of the stuff that we were giving them.  I said good-bye to my wedding dress that hadn’t seen the light of day since the day we got married 23 years ago, furniture, dishes, decorations, linens, a treadmill, and more.  I dread having to itemize it on our 2013 taxes, but I started a list.  Tuesday was a lot more physical day than Monday.  The hurt really kicked in.  I have to say, we did dinner right by going to Bonefish Grill and eating what I lovingly call “dead cow”.

Wednesday, Scott and my dad went over to the house to get the gas grill and our perishable food with the van.  I got a pedicure with my mom.  I think I got the better deal!

Thursday, Scott and I went back to the house to meet the thrift store guys, again, because their truck was too full on Tuesday to take everything.  We left the house for the last time.  YAY!  The 3 of us went over to the IKEA in Tampa to get our new dishes.  Then we came home and I washed them all by hand.

Today, we slept in.  Well, I haven’t been sleeping well in our new place, so I was up at 6:10 AM and thank God for it, because Tim has been so tired that he’s been oversleeping and not getting up for school.  So, the mom-alarm got him up today (and Tuesday, but who’s counting?).  Scott and I grocery shopped and I actually cooked dinner.

So, as you can see, patience is paying off in God’s timing and not my own.  It’s amazing what a difference 18 days makes.  I still feel like I’m on vacation with my stuff and I’m sure reality will come barging in on Monday morning as I drive twice as many miles as I used to drive.




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