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Patience – day 42

OneWord2013_PatienceForty-two days into the year and my patience is being tested like there’s no tomorrow.  Perhaps I should have chosen a word like “blessing” or “gifts” or “sell the house in two days”!  Okay, really.  I’m sorry.  It’s been a test of my faith besides my patience.

So, buyers #3 have come and gone.  Victims of meddling parents trying to advise their adult children of their every move leaving not only the Sandmeyer family buyer-less, but a hardworking realtor being told she didn’t help at all, and our realtor, who’s calling all those interested in the house while it was under contract trying to quickly find us a new buyer.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but does no one stand by their word (and a signed contract) anymore?  Does no one’s good name stand for anything?

So, back on the market we go.  I want to say that while my faith is being tested, I haven’t lost it.  What I’m weary of is the up and down of the buyer vs. no buyer roller coaster that we’ve been riding.  My brain is just hurting.  I feel like I have adrenaline overload.  People that have anxiety attacks can relate.  After the adrenaline floods your body, you bottom out, and it leaves you exhausted, weary, empty.

I tired of calling my husband and my parents to tell them that we’re back on the market again.  I’m tired of signing the stupid contract releasing the retreating buyer of their agreement with us.  I told my wonderful realtor that I don’t know how he does what he does, except it must make it a little easier knowing it’s not his house.  But he works so hard and it must be so disappointing when things like this come up.

So, I vent here, dear reader, to you.  Thank you!  I’m grateful for your reading eyes and know you must have just a little bit of sympathy for us.

I’m going to go eat some Moose Tracks ice cream and play a never-ending game of Bejeweled Twist to try to release some of this pent-up aggravation, so I’ll leave you with a picture of our house.  Click on the picture for the listing information.  Pass it on to someone who’s looking to buy a home in the Pinellas Park, FL area.  Then I can move on to writing about happier times in our new apartment, which we are moving into in 2 weeks! 🙂




7 thoughts on “Patience – day 42”

      1. I know it’s frustrating to say the least, Sandy! But, I stand with you, Scott, Jan & Walt, believing that God is faithful, He hears our prayers and His timing, although, not ours, is perfect! Trusting Him, even when it just doesn’t make sense to us! ❤❤❤


        1. Thank you, Jacqueline! I know, in my heart, that this is all going to work out for God’s glory, it’s just the ups and downs that are killing me. We actually got another offer on Wednesday, which we turned down because we are already in negotiations with buyer #4. I know it’s not the house, it’s just the enemy trying to discourage me. He will fail! I will not be moved!!! Love you, girl!!!


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