One HUGE Project

I was given a challenge by Melanie over at Only a BreathBLOGGERS — Have 1 project (tiny or big) that you can tackle this weekend? Take some photos and write a blog post because this week, I’m going to tell you about a linkup party at a HUGE blog that you will want to join with your projects!!! WOO hoo!!!! … if you need me, I’ll be digging my way out of my son’s closet…. whew!

Here’s my HUGE project.  I have to get our house packed up to move in 23 days.  I did  mention that it’s a HUGE project?  Scott, Tim, and I have lived in our current house for 14 years.  Tim was 4 when we moved in.  I’ve been working on the kitchen.  I venture to say that we’ll be taking only about 1/3 of what we currently own.  We’ll be donating the rest of the stuff to the Center of Hope Thrift Store.  The Center of Hope supports men in recovery and is a ministry associated with our church.

2013-02-02_15-28-04_698I have to admit that I’m doing a great deal of the packing myself because I’m a control-freak.  I admit it.  I’ve tended to be very sentimental about stuff in the past.  My husband is not as sentimental and has an easier time discarding stuff.  But, as time has passed and I’ve grown stronger in my faith in God, I’ve learned that stuff isn’t all that important.  I’m finding it’s easier to toss or give away stuff that was once important to me.

2013-02-02_15-28-17_738Games never played, linens hardly ever used, gifts never opened.  That’s just some of the things that are being donated.

2013-02-02_15-28-32_155Here are more linens.  We had two linen closets just full of linens.  It’s just crazy!  I found a pillow case from my bedroom when I first moved to Florida and lived at my parent’s house in 1985!!!  Seriously???

The sad thing in that there’s tons of stuff in the garage that we put out there in September when we started our home remodeling project and I have to go through all of it to see what can be donated.  It’s craziness.

We (now I mean everyone) hold on to the stupidest things thinking that they have some great value when, in fact, they are worthless.  Isn’t it wonderful that God thinks that we are worthwhile and He holds on to us as a treasured child instead of discarding us like worthless junk regardless of our feelings for Him?

what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? ~ Psalm 8:4

11 thoughts on “One HUGE Project

  1. Oh my. I will be facing something similar in about 6 months as I pack up after 20 years in Bali to return to the States. I think it would be generous to think that we will be keeping about 1/3 of what we own. It will be a good exercise in letting go of what is not really important.

    • I will not complain about my move, Julie. I’m thankful that I’m only moving 5 or 6 miles up the road and not to a whole different country! God bless you as you prepare to leave your home to establish yourself in a new location.

      • One advantage I have is that I have LOTS of help here. I know the kids at the children’s home will be more than willing to help me pack. Some stuff, they can’t do, as I do need to decide what goes and what stays. The one exception is my books. Even though many of them I have not read in years, to me, home is not home without them. So I can set the kids to packing them. I’ll be sorting through cupboards bit by bit over the next few months. Hopefully, we’ll have things down to a manageable level by the time July rolls around.

        Bless you as you do your sorting, packing, and settling. BTW…what’s the latest on a new house?

        • A dear family friend used to say of her kids, what good are dwarves if they don’t do chores? I think that putting to kids to work helping you is a good thing. We have a 3rd contract with a former military couple and I know that this one is it. We move in 3 weeks and close in 5½ weeks. I can’t believe the time is going so quickly now. I don’t have time for work, I need to pack!

          • That is such good news! Happy packing, Sandy. I look forward to hearing how things go. In the meantime, I guess I’ll get some of the “dwarves” I work with to to help…but a bit closer to June.

            One extra big challenge I will have is that just before moving, some of the teens will go on a 10-day discipleship camp hosted by a visiting Australian team. I have to do all the advance groundwork for the camp, and be there to coordinate and translate during that time. AND, I’ll be hosting the 20 campers at my house for the last night or two.

            Once the camp is over, I’ll hit the ground running to finish packing up 20 years of life. I’ll have only about 3 weeks to wrap everything up. I must confess, the thought kind of makes my head spin.🙂

  2. I have a friend who sold her house and gave away practically everything she owned to drive cross-country and help her daughter who was going through a *really* rough time… A year later, she returned to her home state, got a job and stayed on a friend’s couch until she saved up enough for an apartment. Within ONE WEEK of moving in, her entire apartment was full (I’m talking: couch, bed, dishes, even decorations!) from people who reached out and donated🙂 She credits it all to her faith and willingness to leave everything and follow where she felt God was leading her🙂 …wishing u lots of luck w/the packing! hopefully it goes fast!🙂

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