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Patience – day 8


For the last 3 or 4 months, Scott and I have been renovating our home.  Interior and exterior paint, tile replacing the linoleum floors, and new carpet.  So, Thursday night was the big night.  We signed paperwork to put our house on the market.  Yes, we’re selling our newly renovated home.  We would really like to downsize to an apartment.  Taxes and insurance continue to increase and a house’s value continues to decrease in this economy.  Plus, we’ve lived here for 14 years and there are major expenses that will be coming up sooner rather than later.  Hello, new roof?

Tim and I got up early Friday morning, had some breakfast, and then bought $100. worth of plants and mulch from Home Depot, knowing that we’d have to beautify our front planting strips that had been sorrowfully neglected over the last 2 or more years.  We worked for over 3 hours.  Tim broke our shovel and he went out to buy a new one.  Did I mention that we’re selling the house and won’t need a shovel?  It was truly a blessing to have a kid that drives so that I didn’t have to get out and go buy a new one.  Tim went out and got us lunch and we had a short break.  My calorie-counting program said that I burned over 1500 calories!  Bonus!!!

We finished up around 1:30 PM.  At 1:39 PM, I was sitting at my computer while Tim was showering and we got a call from our realtor.  He advised me that he had put the house in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) at 4 AM that morning and someone wanted to show the house in 45 minutes.  45 MINUTES?!?  I asked him to tell the people that they could come in an hour, so that I could shower and get out of the house.  This was the first of 6 showings we had in 4 days.  I know!  Really!!!

We had 2 more showings on Saturday.  People calling to schedule to arrive in 45 minutes or in an hour and a half.  Luckily, I was out with a friend and my guys packed up and went to Starbucks.  Sunday, we knew we had a showing at about 3 PM, and Monday we had one scheduled for 9:30 AM.  But, as church was letting out, I checked my email and there was an email saying that we had an offer.  It was a little lower than we had expected, but an offer nonetheless.  Did I mention we have a wonderful realtor?  We do!  He advised the potential buyer’s realtor that he was meeting with us on Monday with multiple offers and they came back with an offer that was about what we expected to sell the house for.  God is so good!!!

Our realtor came over last night with the now amended contract and we had our 6th and final showing at the same time.  We stood in the driveway as the young couple and their realtor came and looked over our home.  We had heard time and again from potential buyers that our home was lovely, but it was the surrounding neighborhood that they couldn’t get past.  Obviously, our buyer is able to get past it.  So, today we await the call from our realtor telling us that the contract has been signed by the buyer and we are moving forward.

In the meantime, I have been in contact with the apartment that we would like to live in.  It just so happens that my parents live there already, so we have some experience with them.  I’ve completed applications for all 3 of us, since we’re all over 18 years old.  I’ve followed up on said applications by phone.  I’ve had many emails back and forth with our lovely leasing agent.  She worked with my parents, too.

The down side of having a closing on February 27th is that we have to pay both our mortgage and our new rent for February.  We were hoping to move in on the 15th of the month, but we financially just can’t do that.  The leasing agent said that the apartment that we really would have liked to have had could only be held until the 15th.  I told her today to let the apartment go and we would trust in God to provide the right apartment for us.  Putting that trust in God right out there must have been the right thing because our leasing agent was able to hold it for us until the 25th, when we’d be able to move in.  I drop off a check to hold the apartment on Thursday.

So where is the patience in this story?  Well, once our buyer signs the contract (and thank God that he’s already pre-approved for the mortgage!), we have to wait for the inspection and the appraisal and pray that everything goes well.  We have to pack the stuff that we’re going to keep.  We have to arrange for movers to move our stuff on the 25th.  We have to arrange for the Center of Hope’s thrift store truck to come and take the rest of the stuff away.  I almost wish I could just open the house and have them take all of our stuff away, but that’s not very practical. 🙂

And so the fun begins…this was what our realtor said in his email that included a buyer-signed copy of the contract that popped up as I was writing this post.  And so the fun begins indeed!



8 thoughts on “Patience – day 8”

  1. You all have worked so very hard on this project, together. Together, through this experience, you have some truly wonderful memories. Yes, and patience. Together as a family! I love you all so very much and CONGRATS!!!! ❤


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