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Ladies, please!

I’m going to talk about my most recent pet peeve in watching the young ladies coming into my office.  My mother voices this comment, “Did they think to check a mirror before they left the house?”

My first pet peeve is…

When is it ok to leave the house with your hair in curlers and/or a shower cap?  WHEN???  You’re leaving the house to conduct personal business.  Do you think that people look at you with respect and in all seriousness when you leave your house like this?  They most certainly do not.

My second pet peeve is…

Muffin tops.  I realize that most ladies are appalled at the thought of wearing “mom” jeans, but not every body style can (or should) wear the latest hip-hugging styles.  If you have to lay on your bed to zip up your hip-huggers, I’m thinking you’ve got a major muffin top going on.  Gurl, that is not attractive.

Number three…

When you woke up this morning, did you think it wasn’t necessary to put on some clothes?  Oh, and slip on some slippers to cover your feet?  I mean, why don’t you just keep your baby-doll’s on and some feathered high heel slippers?  Please put on some clothes and keep your pajamas for your home lounge wear.

Number four…

As with the muffin top, some body types have no business wearing short shorts.  ‘Nuff said.


We are no longer in the 70’s.  Knee-high socks and shorts are not daily wear.  I saw a young lady yesterday hitting on many of these faux pas.  She was not a small woman and was wearing short-shorts and printed knee socks.  Wow!  My first thought?  Did she look in the mirror and say, “Oh yeah, I look good?”


I realize that I live in the south (and I know I’m not country) and that cowboy boots are in, but they DO NOT go with every outfit.  I’m seeing boots in places one never used to see them.  I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this particular fashion items, but IMHO, they have their own place and time.

So, here’s my little rant for the day.  Thanks for reading!  And, remember, please look in the mirror before you leave the house and have some self-respect.

Leave me a comment below with your fashion pet peeves.


12 thoughts on “Ladies, please!”

  1. Oh my Goodness! You must have read my mind. The one that irritates me the most though, is number 4. If I see another butt crack I’m going to scream and throw up!! 🙂


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