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Choose Joy – an update

Back in May, I wrote about getting my Choose Joy tattoo.  As of last night, I’ve met two incredible women who knew Sara’s story.  I wanted to share my experience with the both of them.

The first person I met was Jen.  She and her husband, Greg, came to our church a few months ago and I met them at when we all attended a marriage conference together.  When we broke for lunch, the four of us ate together.  Jen noticed my tattoo and we discovered that we had both read Sara’s blog and been deeply moved by her life.  Jen’s story is an amazing one, but it’s her’s to tell.  I just think that she’s a beautiful and amazing wife, mother, and woman.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her better as time goes by.

Then, last night my family and I were at church for the Matthew West “Into The Light” concert tour.  He was traveling with Mike’s Chair, Lindsay McCaul, and Everfound.  My dad, who’s head of security, placed my mom and I as Lindsay’s security.  We had to follow her everywhere, but we had a fun time doing it.  I found out some cool things about her and she was as gracious and as nice as could be.  As we were waiting to take her out to sign autographs after the concert, she handed her phone to one of the guys in Mike’s Chair and asked him to take a picture of her with mom and me.  Afterwards, I handed him my phone and asked him to take a picture for me as well.  When I did that, Lindsay noticed my Choose Joy tattoo.  I said that I had really been touched by Sara’s blog and that I had a friend that died of the same condition that she had.  Lindsay turned to me in shock and said that she had read Sara’s blog as well.  She explained that she had been working on a new song called “Choose Joy” with another artist and it was because of Sara’s blog that they had been inspired to write the new song.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to hear it!

I was thinking how cool it was that Sara didn’t know me or Jen or Lindsay, but that the ripples of her life were continuing to move forward just like a pebble in a pond, touching lives even after she’s been with our Lord for over a year.  And even today, Sara reminds us to continue to Choose Joy!


11 thoughts on “Choose Joy – an update”

  1. Hi, Sandy…my name is Laura Pedersen and Sara Frankl (Gitz) is my sister. Thank you so much for this story!! It is so comforting to me to read how Sara continues to bless people’s lives, even from heaven! Sara’s wish was that her thoughts and teachings continue to make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for helping carry out her wishes. I don’t know if you still have any connection with Lindsay McCaul, but if so, please let us know if she finishes her song of “choose joy.” Blessings ~ Laura


  2. Sandy…It’s Laura Pedersen, Sara Frankl (Gitz)’s sister…We are putting Sara’s writing into a book called Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts. It will be released on 1/5/2016. We are so excited and are in the process of getting endorsements for the book. I tried to get a message to Lindsay McCaul asking if she would endorse the book, but the email address on her website gives me an undeliverable message. Do you have a way to contact Lindsay? Thanks, Sandy!


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