Happy 18th Birthday, My Baby Boy!

Today our baby boy turns 18.

I have no clue where the time went or how it slipped by so silently, but it did.

That precious gift of God that was delivered after announcing his presence nine months earlier.

The child that kept us up at night with tears and demands to be fed or changed.  The child that said naughty words on the playground.  The child that loved to steal the rubber gloves from the playground first aid kit.

The child that was teased because of his tender heart.  The one that got punched in the eye for teasing another child and served his in-school suspension.  The one who had me worried day and night whether or not he’d get kicked out of school because of his failing grades.

He is also my cuddle bunny.  The one who came to my side of the bed when the thunder clapped loud and lightning flashed waking him up.  The one that comes to me for kisses, who holds my hand or rubs my arm to let me know that he loves me.

My child who is going to graduate in just over one month and who is planning his future life.

Your father and I are so blessed (more than happy) by the man you’ve become.

I love you, my precious child!  Remember to turn to your Father God for direction in your life and remember that you can always come home to your early father and mother when you need a hug!

Happy 18th Birthday, Tim!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday, My Baby Boy!

  1. Sandy, you haven’t aged! But, I do have to ask a question. Why did you parents dress us the way you did, lol?

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