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What a Way to Spend the Day

Sunday, capable hands took us on a little road trip. 

We decided to take a little road trip up I-75.  We went from 84 degrees, through some showers and down to 68 degrees.  We saw lots of cool things:  flocks of wild turkeys, sandhill cranes, the last kingfisher of the winter.  We also saw a truck carrying something we’ve never seen.

Can you guess what it was carrying?

Green beans or okra?  We couldn’t tell.

All was going well until we hit a 10-mile back up with little or no movement.

We found out that there was a multi-car accident.  Thankfully, there were minor injuries.  But, the slow speed let us see some of what nature had to offer.

We saw sad sights, too.

We decided to take the back roads home.  We were eager to see what was around the corner and down the road.

We fly by a flying boxcar before I could get a picture.  We drove by train tracks and saw a loader on the road.

We made a very large loop and ended up closer to the storm.

Our road trip ended with a call from my parents to have dinner with them.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day!


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